PLEASE, help me with the problem of evil

Hi, Petter

I find it interesting that you are seeking the truth, yet denying it when it confronts you.

You know deep down inside that there is a God, everybody does. The problem is that you have not yet decided to follow God and His ways or to fully reject Him like so many other people.

Where you find yourself now, is where I was a few years back. Logic is not going to help you here, it is just a mere wall you are building around yourself.

God is very real, He is a God of Love, but He is also a God who needs to be revered. He created you and everything else we see around us. We where created for His purposes, not our own.

People ask, if there is a God why does He do nothing about the world we live in. This question shows that people recognise evil through the state of our world and the through the terrible evil man can do, but they cannot see the love of God through what He did on the cross for them.

God has given us a way out, He has given us a gift. All we have to do is believe in Jesus Christ.

When Jesus was on earth, many people saw the great miracles He did and flocked to Him, but when He told them they need to change their lives and repent of evil they mocked and insulted Him.

The point I am trying to make is that although you seek proof to try and make logic sence of all of this, even if you saw proof you still have to make a decision to believe in Jesus or not.

I pray that you find Jesus Christ and experience the gift of love He has given so freely for you. Only through faith in Jesus will you find true peace.