Please help



Please help

My life has been up and down moment i would feel happy and content with my life and another moment i would feel depressed and sad. My friend evangelized to me a long time ago and I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior. Well, I'm not sure if I did, but he asked me to repeat after him and I did. Well I started being angry at God and questioning why my life sucks. So I stopped going to church and stopped praying and I even told others that I didnt believe in God. I did all that because I was angry at him and I was blaming him for my troubles. I feel kinda weird for saying this, but I've also resorted to "magic spells" to make me happy. I've searched up magic spells and wicca online and I actually started doing and saying the magic spells. I'm not sure if the spells worked or not, but I'm still not happy with my life. I want to be close to God again. Ever since I push myself away from God my life started going down hill and I started doing drugs again. Would God forgive me for practicing magic and wicca? I want to be close to Him again and have that relationship with Him.
Hello friend.
The word of GOD say's that the only unforgivable sin is that of blasphemy against the HOLY SPIRIT.
You said you said the things you did out of anger, but in ur heart i am guessing you didn't mean them or u wouldn't be wanting to go back to a relationship with the LORD. I feel like you need to truly repent. You need to pray untill you know in your heart that you are saved. You life will make a drastic change once that happen's my friend. Sin is revolting to your spirit and you truly have the love of GOD in your heart.
Have a real heart to heart talk with GOD. Ask forgivness and profess unto HIM the all mighty your beliefe in HIM and all that HE is. Praise HIS holy name.. I pray that your relationship with HIM is only beginning friend. Mnay blessings to you..