Please pray for homeless lady



Please pray for homeless lady

I met a Christian homless lady awhile ago, she was walking along the interstate with a backpack, please pray that she finds favor in the eyes of all she meets, and that her cup runs over and her heart is close to the Lord, may she be warm and well fed this winter.
She will be in my prayers tonight.. Thank you, thank you for sharing this, and for having such a warm christian heart! May the LORD bless you!

Also if you haven't already thought about it, we would like to have you become a member here!! blessings!
Father we pray that You watch over those who have no place to stay, Feed those who do not know where there next meal will come from. For we know that You are a provider and protector of Your children. You said that You will never leave us or forsake us. You told us to take no thought as to what we will wear or eat. We thank You because You are already providing for those who cannot provide for themselves. We ask You to bless the people that You send to the homeless to help them out for we know that it is You working through them. In Jesus name we pray...AMEN

God bless,