Please pray for my church, it is lukewarm



Please pray for my church, it is lukewarm

Please pray for my church, it is lukewarm. May God start a fire, and strengthen what remains and is about to die, before its Lampstand is removed. May the whole-council of God be preached, not just the positive sermons. May sinners be convicted once again as the Holy Spirit convicts of sin and where there is no conviction the Holy Spirit is grieved. A missionary stopped in on furlow awhile ago and preached on the Lukewarm church...there was a very brief, desperate, anxious applase afterward by the Little Flock surrounded by goats, tares getting watererd. Instead of the church mourning and repenting our First Love being forsaken, they went on with happy sermons and happy songs, and now the band has gooten even louder, and more singers to make up for what is lacking spiritually. The Angel of mercy flew over and said 'I know thy sins,' and the church went on in its usual manner. The crowd applauds the band in the House of God where He, the Jealous God is being provoked, Jesus is the only One worthy of praise, and it is His Day, for His Sake. The church holds to orthadoxy in its belief statement but chooses not to offend anybody with the Whole Truth. Maybe church attendance is the idol, maybe men fear men more than God. Maybe they've been looking to see how the other 'sucessful' worldly churches are 'reeling them in.' Sheep tend to get starved when goats get fed the childrens bread goes to the dogs and the children look for scraps under the table. Elders are convinced that the command to 'Remove the wicked man from your midst,' is something God does, and not the elders. I think the church 'feels' that it is up to God to convict without preaching 'hard sermons.' Feed someone a diet, as MacArthur put it, but withold the calcium, or vitamin c, see what happens. The band was so loud last time i couln't even hear my own voice. I wish there was a small choir in the back to lead by pressing foreward, so that the congregation could worship corprately in Spirit and in Truth, without looking up to a soloist, waitng to worship after they perform their lead. A church holding to reformed doctrine brings a purple-felt covered cross in during advent, and leaves out red silk strips for members to lay on the cross one at a time as a reminder of .... What ever happened to no images, God is to be Worshipped in Spirit and in Truth, no traditions, inventions of man that seem right to him....'In vain do they worship me, teaching as docrtine the traditions of men.' They should be pointing people to the Living Savior Jesus Christ. The attitude is so light among people, people waltz in with their coffee into the contemporary worship service. It's not a mega-church, it just wants to be one so bad. There seems to be little if any discernment as to who makes what announcement at the pulpit, what gets the ok from the secretary and makes its way into the bulletin, what gets its way into the church library. May God save this church, whatever has to be done, if it has to face bankruptcy before the elders finally fall on their face and ask 'Why God, what have we done?' May the church actually be on fire. There is a lukewarm spirit there. A sermon on the cross turned into a sermon on the unity of the Spirit. The cross is a sermon about sin, about Jesus Christ who came to bear that sin so poor, wretched, blind, miserable, sinners may be saved, about the One who knew no sin becoming the sacrafice for sin for us, that He who is too Pure to look upon sin not only had to drink the full cup of God's Wrath for it, but that He also had to bear every vile one of them for all of His people...His soul was grieved to the point of death in agony that His blood actually thinned, reaching the epidermis and excreting through His sweat glands, dropping as blood. That is weighty. It is a contrast, a spectrum, where we can start to see our wretchedness, and start to apprecieate His Mercy and Love and understand His Grace and be motivated by His Spirit to walk after Him. It is a picture where God hated that sin so much He crushed His Only Son for it, Hehad to deal with it, His Holiness and Righteousness demanded it, and He loved us so much it pleased Him to do it. It is a picture where Jesus said 'No one takes my life from Me I lay it down of my own acord. This commandment i received from My Father, I have authority to lay it down and to take it up the world knows I love My Father i do as He commanded Me.' Then the crowd where we feel our mocking voices hurl out 'Crucify Him! Crucify Him!' and our sins spit on Him and drive His nails further in and were the whips that beat Him and yet His Love held Him there until It was Finished. His Flesh was torn and body broken for us and the veil in the Temple was Torn from top to bottom, bring peace between God and man from the Top down through Jesus, the Only Way and Mediator and High Priest between man and God who pleads daily before the Father and who writes our names on His Blessed Hands. 'My God, My God, why have you forsaken Me?' He cried out as the Father looked away and the Lamb was slain. All praise, glory, and honor to Him. He is the Only One Who Is Worthy to receive glory, and honor and praise. In that day only He will be exalted. He will not share His glory with any man, His praise He will not give to another. I pray the Fear of the Lord returns, the wicked has no fear of the Lord before his eyes, and those that have stopped their ears from hearing His Word-even their prayer is an abomination. When we see churches decaying, dying out, plowed -through by the world, does the church wake up? Does a man fall and not get up? I fear the social gospel is there most sundays. God help us, have mercy on us, and grant us repentance, Father, for Jesus' Sake, please return.
I pray for yours and all lukewarm Churches here and through-out the globe, that they would be filled with the Spirit of God, that they would allow more missions, Church functions, Youth programs, and more ministries through the house of you oh Lord. That these Church's will wake up from their spiritual blindness and come to the Throne of Grace and accept you Chastens.

In your name I pray Jesus

Joining in prayer for your church...may there be a revival of love for Christ Jesus like never before!

May it be blessed with the Spirit of the Lord so strongly that those visiting will fill it and know the path is straight to Jesus.

In Jesus' name I pray, Amen
I had a dream recently where I was to cry out in repentance and it bothered some in the Church, a few repented and others just thought I was disrupting the service by praying aloud for repentance. I cannot shake that dream. I am in a shaking right now and trials and tribulations are coming fast and furious. I am repenting daily and need Jesus more now minute by minute than I ever have. May the real Church wake up and begin to tell others to awaken before it is to late for them to see. I believe the real body of Christ, is awakening to see the need for repentance. But, there are those who are lukewarm. They know they need to wake up from their spiritual slumber, but do not. And then there are those who are being shaken like me, and feeling an overwhelming fear of God, knowing that change is coming and needing to be as close as possible. My problem is I am enduring so many trials right now, that I am doing good to keep my eyes upon the Lord myself right now. I am in that standing mode that Paul stated. I don't seem to be making much progress, but I am standing by the Precious love of Jesus. May we continue to pray for the lost and the backslidden and pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ who are enduring great hardships from the enemy :)