Please pray for....

There are a variety of disaster relief agencies on their way to Japan to assess damage and report back as to resources needed, including Southern Baptist Disaster Relief through Global Response. These are wonderful folks, most of whom are volunteers just wanting to help. Please remember them, as well as the country of Japan and victims' families who are dispersed around the world.
I'm in SIS!! As Americans we will step in and help. It is coming fast tho. The Lord is at hand. Dear lord Jesus please save us. Amen
I have been praying for those affected since I first heard about it and will as relief efforts gear up. Have also added to that prayer the relief teams who must face the grueling unpleasant task ahead. I think much more devastation and loss of life will be discovered.
I can't imagine where this will end for them, with the reactors leaking, and possibly totally melting down. Between the earthquake, the tsunami, and the reactors, it has really been hard for them, I'm sure. They were talking about how they could not do rescure and recovery in the area of the reactors, so there are probably people there will not be discovered for a while. We thought Katrina was bad here, but this is really bad.
It's to the point where people have been talking about the end of the world and the whole 2012 thing. I keep reminding friends that we don't know the hour, the year, nor the day of when that will happen. People are really freaked out about this.