podcasting to iTunes

podcasting to iTunes


I have worked long and hard and finally have gotten my church's mp3 podcast to be searched on iTunes. I understand the mp3 formation, the podcast.xml file that iTunes wants, and also the iTunes podcast submittal.

However, my dilemna is this:

Is there some software (preferably free and in Windows) that will take an existing xml file, append it, and place the command tags of a new section for an updated mp3 and automatically place it before the previous set of tags?

Even though I can easily copy and paste, and erase the content, replace with the applicable content, save the xml file, and upload the revised xml file and mp3 onto the server, and then notify iTunes; the a/v media guy can't work the xml file in notepad without tons of syntax errors (but he understands mp3 creation and ftp uploading of files) and when he tried it, he was very confused, disoriented, etc. and made tons of mistakes. I am looking for something that will at least semi-automate the process to where all he has to do is to enter the data and then the data is written into the xml file, automatically saved and saved in the right place per iTunes standards to where all he has to do is upload via FTP and then go into iTunes to submit the updated xml file podcast.

Any help would be appreciated