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Poem by lilrose

A Dream Of Calvary
by Roselee Irvine (c) 2006

It was a long night, I felt I was there
But it was only a dream, one I could
Hardly bear.

I was at the prison where they held
You locked in a cell.
I could see the pain on your face,
It hurt, I could tell.

Your legs were locked in the clamps
They put there.
I knew how helpless you must have
Felt, beyond compare.

But you knew the worse was to come,
They were not through.
In the morning when the sun comes up,
My Lord! they would crucify you.

Morning came and my dream was not
Over yet...
Because I saw them make you walk a
Path I will never forget.

They placed a cross upon your
Back I could see it was heavy too.
Oh, how my heart cried out, Jesus I
Wanted so to help you.

So I followed along that path, right along
By your side.
The tears of my heart broken, could not
Be denied.

The smell of your fresh blood from the
Wounds they put there,
Made my heart break even more, it's
Pain more than I could bear.

Finally on the Hill they now call Calvary,
Is the saddest part of all.
They drove the nails in your hands with,
Hammer and mall.

They hung you up on that cruel cross,
I realized then your love for me.
Willing to die, naked upon that
Cross made from a tree.

But the story did not end, before my
Dream was through...
I saw you rise again, and now
Each day I can walk with you.