Poem He's Alive.. By Roselee (a burden of my heart.. )

Poem He's Alive.. By Roselee (a burden of my heart.. )

He's Alive
by Roselee Irvine (c)2006

He's alive, Jesus is alive! Please
Tell me where He lives.
I want to meet Him, I need the love,
You say He gives.

I am lonely, does He care if I feel,
Alone and blue?
Where is Jesus, show me so I can
Love Him too.

Does He live in a place down the,
"Take me there please," my burden
Is such a heavy load.

He's alive, if so bid me come to sit,
At His feet.
I hear about Jesus, and it's
Him I want to meet.

I am not worthy, my life is a...
Life of sin.
Please take me to Jesus if He's
Alive walking among men.

I have met many that say He is alive,
He is not dead.
If so, where is His Love that came,
To save me from Hell's dread.

He's alive, and it's hard to believe,
It's true.
If I can't find Jesus, or see Him living,
Through you.

If He is really alive and walking this
World today.
Living inside those that have chosen,
The narrow way.

Please show me Jesus, I know He seeks,
The lost, and sinful man.
Show me the heart of Jesus and His,
Nail scarred hand,

Lead me to Him, I need Him now, and upon,
My knees I will bow.

Do not use or copy without request from the author. Keep copyright intact. God Bless sincerely Roselee Irvine [email protected]