police to crack down on sagging pants

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This is a serious issue, I hope it gets resolved before someone gets hurt. :p
I can't wait til the baggy-pants craze ends. I remember when it started up back in 91 or so.

Ever since then, I haven't been able to find pants my size in any store!:mad:

...then I see some stick-thin kid walking around with my size 40's sagging around his thighs. Makes me want to grab him by the ear and make him put on some pants that fit!

Hee hee hee:p
We had a young man working at Walmart in my home city who wore his pants so low that they fell down--in the store. It's a good thing he was wearing boxers. :eek: :D
People who wear their pants around their knees have serious mental problems. Enforcing a public dress code will not solve this.


Sadly it is just in style. Perhaps suspenders will be the next fad!:)



I think it is a bad idea to try to deal with it in legal terms. Ironically, the sagging pants are a big help to many police officers successfully making arrests. A few months back there was a study on the great numbers of suspects who failed to escape on foot when their pants fell down. :rolleyes:

It would probably do the department some good to let them keep on tripping over their pants. In the interest of efficiency and tax dollars.
LOL It does seem like since the fad started in the 90's they have been getting lower and lower and lower. :rolleyes: If you really like wearing a clown costume, join the circus.
My husband received an email one time and it had a video of a young man that walked up to a table, facing the camera. Right there while you are watching, without cutting or stopping the video or changing positions, the young man proceeds to pull weapons out of his baggy pants. By the time he was done, the table was piled high with hand guns and other various weapons, including I might add, a very large shotgun!!:eek:
And we wonder how kids are able to sneak guns into school?:confused:


But hey, maybe they just lost a lot of weight and can't afford new pants just yet. :D

Ya ya.... A belt or rope :rolleyes:


Baggy pants are also used in a lot of shoplifting.
Hm, I sometimes wonder why most teenagers where this kind of "attire". I myself, as a younglin', am just absolutely disgusted with today's "fads". And it just goes to show how kids will follow anything as long as everyone is doing it.

Just as Atheism and Anti-Christianity has become popular in today's modern culture, as well as the school I attend. Most of my friends are atheists, or just don't care, or think spirituality is stupid. That's one of the main reasons why I can't help laughing at some adult atheists. They don't seem "rational, and critical thinking" to me, they seem like whinny kids. :p

But all in all, I will pray for the kids, and my fellow classmates, that they may be able to find Christ.

These people apparently have never heard of a belt either. I've seen teens walk around holding their pants up because they were way too big. A belt or suspenders would solve that problem. What if the boy was attacked and needed to run away? How could he do that while trying to hold up his pants? :D

Interesting how times have changed. When I was a teen in the 60's I was in style--for today. I had to wear my dad's hand-me-downs. He was well over 200 pounds, and I was a very skinny kid. I was so embarrassed to have to wear baggy pants, and all the kids made fun of me. Now all the kids wear those same kind of pants, and they're in style.
LOL It does seem like since the fad started in the 90's they have been getting lower and lower and lower. :rolleyes: If you really like wearing a clown costume, join the circus.


Thanks for the laugh, my friend!:D

I remember back in the 80s (my day) it was tight pants. The tighter the better. I remember just suffering from my jeans almost pinching me off at mid-section. You had to lay down on the bed to put your pants on, hee hee. I guess each generation has their thing.:eek:


You know , I don't see how they think they are going to enforce it without some back lash, You're going to get these people who cry discrimination. In my estimation .... go after the criminals instead of something like this.

Who are these people who sit with pen and paper thinking all of this up ? Now here in Ontario they are trying to get a law to stop people from smoking in their cars. Did they ever think how they are going to enforce it ?
Dusty - this made me think of a story on the news the other night.

This man in Portland designed the next wave of public toilets that they're just beginning to install in the city.

While you're using the restroom, your feet and your head are visible to the public. There's no walls to cover your feet or head!:eek:

He said that it bothered him to think what some people might be doing in public toilets, and he just wanted it to end.

Some people just aren't happy unless they're thinking about what other people are doing in the toilet?:eek:

If we all minded our own business, making sure to do the right things in our own lives...we could all become a lot more productive, I figure.

But nooooo. I don't wear my pants baggy. So nobody can wear their pants baggy. I'm going to make that a law!:mad: