Police Use Prayer to Fight Crime


Police Use Prayer to Fight Crime

In Orlando, Fla., police chaplains have begun a 40-night prayer vigil held in the center of what one policeman called one of the most troubled, crime-ridden communities of the city, reported the Orlando Sentinel. “There is a fight in the supernatural that is affecting us here in the physical world,” said Andrew Wade, an Orlando Police chaplain. “This is a clarion call to people of faith. Let us join together. Let's ask God to change the hearts and minds of men.” Dubbed “Operation Armor All,” the group of chaplains, along with other volunteers, plans to continue to pray every night between 6 p.m. and 7 p.m. until the Sunday before Thanksgiving. The volunteers said they believe they can truly change the city of Orlando. “Through prayer, you become a co-laborer with God,” Maureen Bravo, a volunteer and the founder of Intercessory Prayer Network of Central Florida, told the Sentinel. “It's easy to sit on your duff and watch TV and do nothing while Rome is burning, but why not go out and try to save it?”


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The Orlando Sentinel said that?!? I'm .... shocked. That "Slantinel" is owned by the Chicago Tribune and is one of the most leftist publications, second only to The Communist Manifesto. Ok, not quite THAT bad, but seriously, the don't like putting ANYTHING out there that puts a positive light to conservative Christian values.