Pols Welcome

Pols Welcome

Hi Pols,

I see that you have just registered and looking at your profile I note that you are from my area. I and one of our forum Helpers by the name of Jax both know your church very well indeed. I am in Horsham and Jax lives a few miles away nearer Gatwick.

So this is just to say WELCOME. Great to have folk from this area joining.
Do take a moment to look at the following thread it is really helpful

Survival tips for new members on the Christian Forum Site.

Also if you need any help finding your way around the forum just ask we are a friendly bunch.

Pastor Gary

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A big welcome to you from the Staff at CFS. Nice to have you here and may God bless...:)
Thanks all for the lovely welcome, and thanks to Jax who sent me the link!! ;)
I don't always have a lot of time for forums, used to go regularly on one attached to Premier radio years back and met Jax through that.:)
But every so often I do think I need to have an hour or two to chat.
I was meant to be going out with two "not yet christian" friends for a meal tonight but they basically fell out over the planned destination and the whole thing got cancelled!!! :mad:
So, that's probably why I felt I needed some "chat time"!!:groupray:
If any of you want to pray for them, their names are Theresa( professing atheist) and Diane (confused anglican background) Diane isn't normally as prone to falling out with people but her Dad's second wife has suspected cancer and Diane's mum died of cancer around 15 years ago, so it's a stressful time for them all.
I want to see them both in the Kingdom and their families!! :shepherd:
Sorry, probably should have put that on the prayer thread but it's late and I need to get some zzzzzzzzzz's