Portrait of Jesus

When we see Jesus, what will He look like?

Wearing a full length ultra-bright white (nearly impossible to gaze upon with human eyes) robe with a golden vest. Hair and facial complexion is as white as clean wool or fresh snow. Eyes glowing as if with fire in them. Hands and feet as highly polished bright shining brass; glowing as if they are freshly removed from a smelting fire. Voice that sounds like a deafening waterfall or overwhelming thunderstorms. To look upon Him with human eyes would be blinding like looking into the sun.

When He prepares for war; His return to judge the earth; He will wear is authority on His head with many crowns; there will be an unknown/ unrecognizable name to mankind written upon Him. His titles will be adorned on His clothing: “KING OF KINGS” and “Lord OF Lords”. When He speaks, His Word will cut through the wickedness of mankind like a two-edged sword; none will be able to withstand Him. His clothing will be dipped in blood.

References: Revelation 1:7-17, Revelation 19:11-16, Acts 9:1-9, Acts 22:6-11, Matthew 17:1-9, Mark 9:2-8, Luke 9:28-36, Mark 13:24-27, Daniel 10:1-9, Isaiah 6:1-5, Exodus 24
Love this.

I also think our minds cannot fully comprehend what Christ looks like although as scriptures say - we are 'formed in His image'.......the blues skies, green valley's, colourful nature, mountains, oveans, different types of animals and people, the universe are all proof of his Glorious creation and image.