Position Of The Mind,the Limit Of The Man

I once heard a news on the drama that led to the arrest of a burglar,by the police.Some policemen happened to be in pursuit of a burglar,on foot,on a pitch-dark night.The burglar ran into a group of people who were asleep in the open space around their house,as there was power outage and temperature could get really high,in dry season;the burglar pretended as one asleep too.So,when the policemen came around and found,he was out of sight,they suspected,he was among those asleep outside their home.They approached this group stealthily,tried not waking anyone up and pointed guns at each.While other slept on soundly,the burglar needed no introduction,as his reaction announced his presence.
You know,from that news,I learnt something about humans-what you are conscious of,is what you react to,respond to and it takes Christ in a life,to resist,the flesh.
Biology teaches that adrenaline prepares one for action,in times of emergency,that is,when you jump out of the way of a reckless driver or take to your heels at sight of danger and so on,adrenaline is responsible(for all sudden reactions to sudden actions).But guns were pointed at those sleeping as well as the burglar,who was only pretending to be asleep,how come adrenaline couldn't carry out its function in those asleep but the burglar?
Those asleep weren't concious of their physical environment,they had their attention,else where,in the unseen environment and though,adrenaline prepared them for action in the physical,it couldn't get then to perform it.
We should know this,we are not made for our bodies but our bodies for us.We can regain control over our bodies,if we've lost it.We can be free from addictions and any physical bondage,and let Christ delivers us from the spiritual-resist the the devil and he will flee from you.We shouldn't be so locked up by man's philosophy and teaching,then regard less,the Words of God.From creation,the body was made to be put under control not to be in control.Until God poured His Spirit into the body,it was life-less.
Adam walked round the garden for a while,naked but the first thing he knew,after the fall,was his nakedness.In other words,Adam knew what it meant to be naked all along,but where he existed,the picture of himself he was conscious of,the spiritual man,wasn't naked,otherwise,he would have hidden,ealier than he did.When he fell,he died spiritually and was physically born-he lost consciousness of his spiritual existence and became conscious of his physical.
When we are spiritually minded,we are less concern of the physical principles and facts;yes,physical facts because it is physically true that fire burns but with God,you'll walk through the fire and it won't burn you(Isa.43:2).Physically,noone will survive a night in the lion's den but with God,Daniel did(Dan.6:16-23).Physically,the midst of the ocean is the last place,you hope to find a dry land but with God,Israel walked on dry land through the red sea.Physically,no man can defy gravity but our Lord Jesus Christ,Son of the living God,ascended to heaven to prepare places for us all,who have recieved and believed Him.
We need to re-position our minds to focus Jesus,we need to see and accept a greater treasure in our lives as Christians-for where your treasure is,there your heart will also be(Mat.6:21);if you are risen with Christ,set your mind in the things which are above,where Christ is(Col.3:1-2)
The peak you can achieve is the peak available where you are.Outside Christ,there is a limit to your achievement but in Christ,you are limitless.
I just had to come back to read again this post of yours Olaitan. You have posted something very rich spiritually, something we can all meditate on and be enriched by.
Thank so much Calvin,for your comment,it's an encouragement.I'm also greatful to God that a life is touched by His Words.
God bless you too.