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That was just beautiful, Bo! It was sorta a Latin sound. Very wonderful for a change. Also liked the one after it about us being instruments of peace. I wonder where this concert was and if it was in another country?


I used to have that on VCR tape- it was a worship concert in South Africa. The music is amazing.
"Redeemed" and "Sunlight" by Reilly

I absolutely love Reilly's music and lyrics. Dual violin alternate rock + wonderful lyrics = :D:D:D

I discovered Reilly a couple of weeks ago, and I think they're my new favourite band/group. "Redeemed" and "Sunlight" are the only songs I've listened to, but if the other songs in the album are this good, then I think I may have to buy the whole album off iTunes!

I posted few of my thoughts about "Sunlight" on my blog. Have a read if you'd like :)