Potty Training In A Day

Potty Training In A Day

Anyone have experience with Potty Training In A Day? My wife and I just recorded a Blog Talk Radio show on the book by Azrin and Fox on Toilet Training In Less Than A Day.

I would love to hear if anyone else has had experience with the method. If not, how did Potty Training go for your son or daughter?
Well, to begin with I love comedy in any form! And the truth is that I get a deep chuckle from anyone that has a formula for any portion of child-rearing! In the book of Proverbs we are instructed to study each child so as to raise him or her in the manor that suits the way God has 'bent' them. From this and the truth that at 65 I have dealt with raising even one of my grandchildren now, I feel that I speak with some authority on this matter and I know that it is a fool that expects all his or her children to be trained for anything with a formula.

Oh Yeah, no, I, off hand, rejected such ideas and followed the Master's Word instead.
Hum? So you believe in individual rhema (sp?) or individual truths to be given to you, or you believe that after you study each child you will instinctively know what to do for them or you believe the Word of God has hidden instructions for each individual child. I was not sure what you were saying.

After working with thousands of children and hundreds and hundreds of families, I have come to realize that guidance is very, very important. That is why we need to listen and train. It is very stressful for busy moms to have to figure each stage out and figure out for themselves what to do for each child. We know that certain instructions are required in Scripture (perhaps a formula) such as Duet. 6 - what to train and when to train your children.

So how did you train your children and grand children to stop using diapers and use the toilet?
To the Christian there is no hidden nor some mysterious message in scripture, the Holy spirit indwells every Bond Servant of the LORD, Jesus. i.e. When I read the scriptures God/the Holy spirit reveals t9o me what I need to know. There is no formula and there is no method, save obedience and relationship. Christianity has never been a religion, it is a relationship with God through Jesus because of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. I am often poo-fahed (No sp?) but God not only will help you to raise your children but He even cares how you dress in the morning.
Why yes I do.

My now 16 year old wasn't potty trained until she was 3. I thought it was going to be EXPENSIVE having two in diapers. Once we brought baby home, it wasn't but maybe a week before she got it. Consistency, sticker method, and outward forgiveness when mistakes happened.

My now 13 year old son was the same. He, too was trained by 3.

My 3 year old, (adopted from Vietnam) has had some much trauma in the first 2 1/2 years of his life and wasn't introduced to food even until he was over a year is a bit more challenging. We are not pushing him to get it right away because there hasn't been a whole lot of stability which in some children have issues with potty when that happens. Today actually is the first day he got to wear "big boy underpants" rather than a pull up. He has not had one accident today. Again, consistency is a huge part.

Still having trouble explaining the rules to my almost 14 month old, but when it is time, it will be the same. LOL..

A child who shows interest is the best time for parent(s) become consistently interested in teaching. There is nothing wrong with introducing the idea around age 2 or when they can verbally communicate potty in toilet talk. Doctors for some reason want children off the bottle/breastfeeding and potty trained early which is frustrating.

Anyway, there's my few cents :)