Pouring Out Our Soul In Fervent Prayer

According to Psalm 139:16 what can we learn about God's knowledge of our life, even before it happens?

Are you willing to trust in God's perfect plan for your life?

Let's choose to remember God has a perfect plan and He is in control.
Do you think He made you choose the green pants over the blue? Just askin...

I do believe God has a plan...He is in control except over that which He sovereignly decided to abdicate or delegate...
I think God has a perfect plan, and we each are a part of it whether we "pick up" on it or not. Life is itself, a learning journey, that prepares our hearts. Individually, locally, and globally. I did not remember this scripture but the fact that Eli mistook Hannah's fervency as drunkenness says to me there is more than one lesson in these verses.