Prayer at the stoplight

This was several years ago, and I was a team teacher at my church's sunday school class system.
I asked to have a Sunday off every month in the warm weather so that I could sell my antique glassware
at the local antiques sale site. The probem was that our family, and I, needed extra money to make ends meet, and I felt guilty. Wouldn't God get us through tough times, instead of selling on Sunday?

I was driving my van very early on that Sunday morning, and as I felt guilty, I prayed to the Lord and asked if there was anything I could do for him that day at the sale. I didn't expect an actual answer, but perhaps this is what I got. I didn't hear anything out loud, but I got this thought. The thought said that
actually there was something I could do right that second. I was stopped at a traffic light at a small town and there was a car stopped in front of me going my way, and one stopped coming from the other way.
I seemed to be told to pray for those in those two cars for their safety and for their salvation in Jesus Christ. Where did that come from? Did I imagine that? These were my thoughts after the message, and I was not sure where it came from, but just in case it was from the Lord, I did just what I had been told to. I prayed for them, and then said amen, and the light turned green and off we went.

About a half a mile down the road, I was still thinking about what had just happened, and I heard something and up ahead on the left I saw a little cloud of dust. I slowed down and to my amazement there was one of the cars that I had just prayed for off the side of the road in the bushes! I stopped
and he came jogging over to me and I asked if he was OK, and he was fine, but his car was going nowhere. We looked at it, and it had gone into the bushes about 20 feet and come to a stop. He told me that an axle had broke and he would need help. I could see that in entering the bushes that he had missed a fairly large tree by about 6 inches or less.

There were cell phones in those days, but neither of us had one, and he asked for a ride to make a telephone call which I did for him. On the way I knew I was supoosed to say something to him, so
I told him that God had been looking after him that time, as he had just missed that tree. When I mentioned God's name he looked at me in sort of strange way, but he agreed with me.

I thought alot about this in more recent times and I always wondered if he was someone pursued by the Lord, and I had played a very small part in it. What do you think? I hope he found God and got very saved!