Prayer for Kaiah


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Prayer for Kaiah

Our dog developed a particularly insistent form of cancer, it doesn't tend to spread, but it's difficult to remove.

She has had four operations and just recovered from radiation treatment.

Then, this morning my wife found a new lump right next to where the radiation treatments were given.

She's the sweetest little thing on four legs and my wife really loves her.

Please pray for God to fully heal her.
Yes of course I will pray for her . I know how important pets are in our lives and become part of the family . I could not do without my two cats .

While we don't have pets we do understand they become very close family members. My son and family just lost their dog of many years. My son, the police officer, broke down in tears over the loss. Will definitely keep this request before the Lord.


When we were living in Saint Rose my wife adopted a stray red cat. He was sick and when we brought him to the vet we were told "this cat is OLD!" and "don't expect him to live long"- that was over 10 years ago and he is still kicking. Those little guys can really surprise you sometimes Roger.


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An update:

Kaiah was treated with an experimental hyperthermia procedure with a chemo therapy drug injected into the tumor with the first treatment on July 1.

She received two subsequent hyperthermia treatments and has been recovering since.

The tumor appears to have been killed, but they won't know for sure until the wound heals.

We've tried everything humanly possible to stop/remove/kill the tumor and have placed it in God's hands. Only He knows where and how to get ALL of it.
She is so blessed to have you. Many would not go through the trouble or that much expense (I know those procedures must be expensive).

Your devotion is a testament to your love for her. She is blessed with a good Master. I know how heart wrenching it is when our little ones get so ill.

I will keep praying my Brother.

Blessings, Cheri:groupray: