Prayer of Salvation?

Hello brothers, I've a or questions!

Is salvation limited to a repeated prayer?
Is it because I say "the prayer of salvation" that I'll be saved?
Is it for certain that someone is saved because a pastor told him so when he said the prayer? Someone who felt sincere saying it..

It's pretty much the same question! And I know some of you will bring Romans 10:9; read John 1:13, Matthew 7:21 -and share your thoughts.

Thanks in advance!


First welcome.

Welcome :)

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To reply to your OP, you've answered your own question. Salvation is the matter of the heart, not the mouth.

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I have been having them face their butts to the west and saying hail Jesus 5 times while I drip candle wax on them. This thread just saved me lots of time and effort. It's from the heart..... who would have thought.

I get to save money on candles also.. Awesome.