Prayer Reminder


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Prayer Reminder

George Reindrop, in his book "No Common Tasks," tells how a nurst once taught a man to pray and in doing so changed his whole life from being a dull, disgruntled, and dispirited person into a man of joy. Much of the nurse's work was done with her hands, and she used her hands as a scheme of prayer. Each finger stood for someone.
  • Her thumb was the nearest to her, and it reminded her to pray for those who were closest to her.
  • The second finger was used for pointing and it stood for all her teachers in school and in the hospital.
  • The third finger was the tallest and it stood for the leaders in every sphere of life.
  • The fourth finger was the weakest, as every pianist knows, and it stood for those who were in trouble and pain.
  • The little finger was the smallest and the least important and to the nurse it stood for herself.
There is power in prayer. God said that if we have the faith of a mustard seed, we can tell this mountain to move and it will. If all of us continue to pray for each other, we can move many mountains.