bent reed


Hello everyone

I could use a little help today. I have known of God all my fifty years and only half hearted talked to Him or prayed. Well, things changed about a year ago, a truely remarkable thing happened that makes me want to know God, not just of Him.

I've been told over and over that the prayers of sinners fall on deaf ears. I admit there is still a lot of garbage in my life ( anger, unforgiveness, fear, doubt ) I guess you could just say that I'm stiff necked.

My heart is so empty and yet so heavy at the same time I think it's gonna tear out of my chest at times. For fifty years I have acted like God was just another waste of time, so unfair to Him. I know all the seeds I have planted have now grown to choke me off and I deserve everthing I get, so be it, but It's not about me.

My prayers are that when my last breath leaves my body that I'm able to spend eternity with our Lord.

Do you think He hears and answers a prayer such as this?

Thank you for letting me unload and for your time.
I'm sorry it has taken so long for you to get a reply to your post. Our forum has just been "remodeled" and I'm seeing posts I hadn't noticed before. I don't know if the remodel has anything to do with it, or if it's just me. Anyway, I hope you'll be checking back from time to time and see that you haven't been forgotten.

The one sinner's prayer we know is guaranteed to be heard by God is the prayer of repentance. That is, acknowledging our sin before God, asking Him to reign in our hearts, and soliciting His help in living a Godly life. For most Christians, life is a struggle in which one wrestles with human frailty, temptation, difficult circumstances, mistakes of the past, etc. The Christian mindset is to engage in the struggle with the aim of learning and growing and pleasing God. Once in a while, we achieve a victory by knockout and can dance around the ring rejoicing. More often, it seems, we punch and bob and weave and sweat and take a few on the chin, and we don't know who won until the end of the final round and the judges' scoring is announced, and then we dance around the ring rejoicing. The important thing is to get in there and start swinging. When you engage in the battle from God's corner, you can be sure He hears your prayers, that you will be victorious in the end, and that you will dwell with Him forever.

Step one is for a sinner to repent of their sin and give his or her life over to God. That prayer is always heard by God. Step two is to seek to draw close to God and obey Him and serve Him. An individual doing their best to trust in Jesus and please God can know that God hears their prayers, even though they have not yet reached the final round of their battle with sin and weakness.