Prayers are needed! :/


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Prayers are needed! :/

My computer's broken. Even though it's a material thing, I'm asking that it will be fixed tomorrow. And that I'll be able to use it. Know why? ALL MY COLLEGE STUFF IS ON THERE. It's important that I have my laptop this week. It is CRUCIAL. If not, then I have to start all from scratch and my 7 page essay is due next Tuesday. I had EVERYTHING on my computer of that 7 page essay. I had a bunch of comparison notes.

If my computer isn't fixed tomorrow, then please let GOd have it some other way. I'm probably going to have some anxiety attacks this week (I get them when i'm under a LOT of stress. but let's pray that i won't!).

So please, pray pray pray!
It's easy to praise God when my laptop is fixed. But it's going to be a lot harder to praise GOd when it's not fixed. But I know I just have to. Because He is still on his throne. And again, it is just a materialistic thing. It'll just make my life 10 times easier this week if I had it, haha.

We hope that your computer situation is resolved for you now. It is a real inconvenience when things like that happen...


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Don't be stressed. God DOES care about EVERY aspect of our lives.

Computer be healed . . . In Jesus' Name!

Looking forward to your praise report.

:pray: :pray: :pray:
Update: My computer IS fixed. But I still need to start from scratch. The harddrive shut down, so I lost everything. But I still praise God that I still have a computer, you know?! But yes, prayers will be appreciated because of this stressful time :/ :/

Oh, and the paper is actually due Thursday. I said Tuesday, but I checked and it's due this Thursday. So I do have time. :] :]
I am glad that your computer is fixed. I know it is very inconvenient that you lost everything. It is good however that you have an extra couple of days to get your work done. Good luck with it all.