Pre-Christmas Preparation

Is your life prepared for the glorious coming of Our King?

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Pre-Christmas Preparation

All humanity is aware of the glorious time we eagerly await; for those who are perishing, it is another customary celebration where all humanity should rejoice and celebrate, but for us who are being saved, it is newness of self where we faithfully prepare our lives for the one who is to come to change us, to make us like unto himself.

Dear, you may have celebrated Christmas more than once in your lifetime; but let this coming Christmas be different.
Therefore let us rid ourselves of all that is not like him; let us strive to achieve the level of self preparation and expectation that is required of us now and the glorious time ahead.

Return the stolen items, keep your heart from thinking evil but fix the thoughts of your heart on things above which is full of eternal glory, keep your tongue from telling lies but rather sing psalms of worship to the coming king of kings, honor your brother above yourself by sharing the very special love of Christ; in truth, rid your life of every hidden evil and sin, that your life may be found worthy of the glorious visit.

The joy of Christmas has to be perfected by the perfection of Jesus’ love; sharing the eternal love is our duty.

Never celebrate the coming of Our King like the world does; for they are drenched with what to wear and eat for they act like the foolish one who cares about nothing but mere temporal fulfillment. Rather celebrate the joy of the coming of Our King as the wise servant who is certain that these three remain: faith, hope and love; but the greatest of these is love.