Predestination a Biblical perspective


As with any doctrine of scripture this one needs a careful and prayerful approach. We are Led to or come to a knowledge of the truth we do not arrive at the truth by jumping to conclusions .
This subject is a bit of a thorn for some and for others it si hard to get your head around it or be settled in your own mind on the matter .What follows is neither comprehensive or all that could be said on the matter . It is a foundation for any ones thinking and their faith ,

To those who deny the doctrine of predestination for whatever reason . Then you have to ask what then does " having predestinated us unto the adoption of children by Jesus Christ unto Himself ............." Eph 1:5.
Or Eph 1:11 or Eph 2 :10 of preordained good works that we should walk in them.
Or Ephesian 3:9.

Other than the offence that comes to some when hearing the truth . There is abroad the idea attributed to some person in the past but not proved . That is indeed an offence both to the nature and character of God .The scriptures and a grief to the Holy Spirit . That God made some men to be not saved and others to eb saved and thus created some with the ability to respond to the gospel and others not.
This a carnal mind trying to understand a spiritual truth and getting it very wrong .
This is not for such a debate about an error .
But rather a presentation of the truth .If only a beginning .
So let us go to the beginning .The book of Genesis .
Where it is written in 1:11 that every seed will bring forth fruit after its KIND. in a nut shell.
Now no seed will bring forth fruit not after its own kind. Even as a apple seed will not bring forth tomatoes.
Every seed then is predestined to bring forth fruit after its own kind.
Which is why we are MAN KIND and not another kind. For the woman has not the seed but the man .
and man was created out of the dust of the earth and the woman was created out of the body of the man .
A good farmer ,"husbandman" or experienced gardener therefore knows the harvest that will come forth by the seed that is sown.
He in that respect knows the end from the beginning .
But only God knows all the end from the very beginning .
This matter of the seed is very important .When we see that also in Genesis God speaks about the woman's seed and the serpent's seed . Genesis 3.
But also and not unrelated we have the Lords own teaching about what the kingdom of God is like in Mathew 13. and where in one of the last parables he says" if you understand this parable you will understand all parables " and in this case the "seed is the Word"
That law if you will of the seed that will bring forth fruit after its kind then applies to ALL seeds .
Whether it be of the serpent or of God .
and God knows before it is sown what each will bring forth if it is .

Now when God said "the seed of the woman " It is not that he did not know the biology of the woman or forgot in whom the seed resides . But you cannot say everything all at once .For words by their very nature have to be said one word at a time and all the words in their right order construct and accuracy of expression are needed to reveal that which was and is hidden in the speaker .
Thus God said the seed of the woman . Not then the seed of Adam. A "corruptible seed" 1Peter 1:23.
But would be an incorruptible seed which is the Word of God.
and it would be ONE ("IT") MALE ("HE") CHILD the Word made flesh that would be born of a woman thus a man who would come to destroy the works of the devil "bruise the serpents head " (fatal)
But in the process would be 'wounded' "bruise his heal"
This also was known from before the foundations of the world . For one saw Him " as a lamb slain from the foundations of the world" rev 13:8
The road to the cross did not start at Bethlehem but with the Word "let there be light
to be continued

in Christ