preparations for equalling the earth


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preparations for equalling the earth

when jesus comes back,i wonder how he will level the earth and start again?any ideas.
This was discussed in church this morning actually.

He'll come and greet us, with a smile brighter warmer than a thousand suns, and maybe shake our hands... and then, He'll wave and leave... but we won't be sad, it will have been the happiest moment of our lives, to feel the blessed peace that comes through Jesus...
Of the falsehoods of the world:

I still think people have allways played "dumb" historicaly, ( which has nothing to do with
this post, on it's surface, anyway ). However, I have a story to tell, which unfolds as such:
I have sailed in My fathers sail boats, when He was still alive, upon open ocen, And the ocean,
is indeed quite calm at times,

And at such times, when all was still, I looked all about, in every dirrection, and I was
quite amazed to see, upon calm horizions, that even in a small sailboat, ranging from
28 to 32 feet, that one could clearly see the curvature of the earth all around them, on
such occassions as I was able to witness.

And now, that I see how the world hides all of it's meanings and innuendoes in just about
everything it does, such as in song and movies, while all the while pretending to be so simple and
ignorant, inspite of the quite sophisticated meanings found within rock n roll, or even in movies
like "The Matrix," I now wonder for how long has the world
indeed truly known the world was not flat,

but only pretended to do so, for so long, as to keep their evil knowledge and intentions, so close to
their "chest," so to speak, while they bided their evil time, for when they could pounce on a backslidden
Church, and bring us evolution, and pseudo-science, which only seems to be pitted against any
belief in God, no matter how unreasonable their arguments are,

and I cite the book "Maps Of The Ancient Sea Kings," in which Charles Hapgood, demonstrated that
the Turkish Admril 'Pri Ris,' in 1517 had compiled a map of the world, based on the remnants of such a
map showing the entire earth, including an acurate coastline of an "Ice Free," antartica, and in which
this same map seemed to be based on "Spherical Triginometry, converted to a flat mercator
type of projection, and the found pieces of it's ancestor maps, showed that it was originaly based on
Cairo Egypt, the location of the Great Pyramid region, as it's center.

And infact therefore, as the ancient world has allways secretly held that the Great Pyramid
complex, was indeed the true "Tower Of Babel" complex,
because "kabbalisticaly," the Hebrew can be read, if one so chooses to kabbalisticaly twist the text,
to say, "As they traveled from the east, across a continent rent assunder...." and they split the word
"Shinnar," into two, and thus make it "The cities of the teeth," ( megalitic structures, and Cairn's etc.., ),

And I wonder, if therefore the world had indeed planned to restore Eden, by populating a great melting pot
of their great schemes, and if indeed the United States had been intended by them to be "The New
Atlantis" indeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As can be seen in obscure work, such as a small drawing of Leonardo DaVinci, in which He drew a Wolf, riding
in a boat, across a globe, while looking at the eightpointed compass points, and star, to guide Him, where the
Eight pointed star was used extensively in the civilizations of the ancient world, such as from the Fertile
Cresesnt and beyond, as is shown in the "Earth Chronicles" books by Zacariah Schitzcen, for His Bizare
theory of how Aliens had populated, and battled upon the ancient earth,

And even though the small globe Davinci drew, was generic, it did show the mediterranean, and lands accross
from it, seperated by the atlantic ocen,

And I simply wonder how universal, their twisted schemes are to them, and what comfort they think they draw from
the likes of them, and Nostradamus, and the like, because they refuse to see the truth instead??????

They have a game plan, but not the truth. And they believe, as far as I can tell that, 2012 A.D. is

a watershed moment in time for them. There have been
several of the worlds prophecies that the year

2012 is going to be the end of the age; becasue in that year the sun will pass thru the eight-pointed
cross of the center of the milkyway galaxy. And such a crossing only occurs twice every great year of
25,920 years, and the last time it occured would have been 10,948 B.C., and they believe that the
Great Pyramid complex was built in 10,500 B.C., because the zodiac sign of Orion reaches it's highest
and lowest points in the sky, in relation too the same halfway point division of the great year, and
is due to do so again in 2012 A.D. So they see the great celestial cross of the center of the milkyway
galaxy and the celestial ( zodiacal ) equator ( of the goddess, cross-quater cross ), vrs the upright
mundane ( god ) cross of the earth's terestrial path thru the zodiac, and it's imaginary upright formed
cross, as also passing thru the same point ---and the combination of the two gives the eight-pointed
celestial cross of the god/goddess, of gnosticism, combined, into one internalized inner male,
of both terrestrial male and female combined in each person, of their twisted plan of unity.

And the point where the center of the milkyway occurs, and the trinity of zodiac signs comes together,
to form the three "Supernal" crowning sephiroth of the kabballah, and the eight-pointed cross all comes
together at, the junctions of Sagitarius, Ophiuchus, and Scorpio,

And Now they have revealed extensive research into the lost book of nostradamus ----being a book of
colored drawings, leading up to this same alignment. And of how Nostradamus grew up to see the
Templar church with the hidden 13th sign of the zodiac, of Ophiuchus, the serpent handler, just above the
arrow of Sagitarius, who points his arrow at this galactic center, and scorpio,

And the lost book of Nostradamus, has seven of it's pages, which depicts this climax, and in one of them is a
book, with nine lines of scibled text, in which the center line, written in english, says "One Male," and points to
the unification of the human race, as from then on, of being of one inner man nature??????

And I guess 2012 A.D. is their target date for the gnostic gods and goddesses to combine as one, or to combine
as one higher nature, which then in turn allows the permenant seperation of their even "Higher" inner nature,
where there is no more ying/yang, where male and female are allways forced to play eachothers roles, in certain

And I guess, I am supposed to be all, Ooooh, and Aaaaaah, about all this ploting and scheming??????????
And because the powerfull dillusion of the world is supposed to be of past ages, in which a global map centered upon
Cairo Egypt, is supposed to make Me fall down, and go Oooooh, and Aaaaah, as well.

But the Bible warns us of these Lying signs and wonders in the Heavenlies, and here upon the earth, So I am also not
impressed by the Mythological images, which can bee seen in the great plasma-gas displays ( so to speak ), of Monoceres,
and the Horsehead Nebulae, etc..,

"Sorry Charlie," but I am not impressed, with the Dungens and Dragons, Cartoon-Video Game, supposedly Holograpic, and
supposedly Living-Universe, in which some fake universal mind, is trying to teach us all to destroy our "Ego's," so we can
form some new collective whole?????????????

I have studdied, every theory under the sun, but unless their version of pseudo-reality, comes with some butter lovers popcorn,
t's not very interesting to Me, because nothing can replace the truth of God, and His Glorious Presence, and Love, and Grace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May Christ Richly Bless Those Who Truly Love Him, Amen.:bible:

I believe it was on the cover of, and inside the book, entitled "Splendors of the Universe,"
that a most interesting picture of the "Horsehead Nebulae" could be found. The picture
in question, was of the topless torso of a beautiful goddess image, resting upon the head
of an "Alien."

And their great secret is that, the entire Human race, are realy a "Spiritual Alien Race," who have to settle a
great war of identitiy, thru our physical incarnation here on earth. And as such, we are all being watched by
the council of "The 600 Annunki," who are overseeing our struggles, and eventual realization that we all have to
combine our individual male and female traits into one combined being, to settle the "Celestial/Spiritual" struggle
which supposedly took place within our solar system, a long time ago, and which is still being played out today.

And as such, the description of Lucifer, as the anointed cherub who covers, in Ezekiel 28:, who was found to be corrupt,
due to the pride in His heart, where He said He was a god, -----was described in that chapter, as having precious coverings
of nine precious gems, ----which were "Kabbalisticaly" taken to represent the nine planets of Our solar system, before it's
destruction by this so-called war in heaven.

And this destruction/devestation, caused the cosmos to "become formless and void," and as such they take the evidence of
the destruction of "Tiamat," as the Asteroid Belt, the destruction of Mars, and the Destruction of the Earth, ----to represent the
three spiritual Alien-Race "Entities," which are battling it out from within us, for supremecy, until they all supposedly learn their
lesson, that their is room for only "one" combined Alien-Race, of their own version of a "Compound Unity."!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And in addition, our Moon, was supposed to have been captured in our orbit, from Tiamat, it's Alien-Goddess-Current host planet,
which in turn passed by the supposed planet of balance, Mars, which was destroyed, by such a large impact, when Marduk and
Tiamat collided, that it blew away half of Mars' outer layer, opposite the impact, which is why Mars has it's two diameters today.

And as such Gia, or the Earth, the planet of the "Male" Alien current, was the only inhabbited planet of the three to be reformed, for
the "Insertion," of the three alien life forms into "one being," i.e., "The Human race,"

And as such, they "Kabbalisticaly" take ---the two genesis creation accounts, which simply talk about the different inner and outer
natures of the one and single creation of the human race -----but they take it to represent the two main halves male/female of the
alien race of gia/tiamat, ----which are forced to battle it out gnosticaly, until we learn our inner lessions, and when we are ready to
learn, we are to supposedly see the upsidedown image of the male, of the full moon, giving birth, to the new inner nature, thru the
projection of this new birth, from out of it's solar plexus, and as such the image, which also resembles "a catlike creature," secretly
represents newer levels of the new and combined inner nature, of the new compound unity.

And this supposed pseudo-alien "agenda," is also supposed to be found, when one "Slices" the mediterranean in half, and in turn stands
each image, of the subsequent halves upright, to find an Alien goddess to the west ( the Oracle of the Matrix ) vrs an Alien Old Man to the
east ( The Architect of the Matrix ), both of whom battle it out for this supposed "supremecy," which we are all supposed to feel deep inside,
to replay the old war in heaven of the alien races, until we learn we have to combine as one,

And as such they offer an androgonous, ithyphalic, hermaphrodite, sick spiritual pseudo-spirituality, where all become spiritualy bi-sexual,
via the trading of roles back and forth, which technicaly forces all of them to be spiritualy homosexual?????????

And I truly do not understand how they can accept the truly twisted and sick, evil spirituality, of their "Ubiquitous" sick spiritual-homosexualtiy,
of their spiritual twisted vampire and wearwolf selves?????

I do not see it's purely "Evil" apeal, simply because they are under the judgment and wrath of God, for embracing the demonic lies of their system,
instead of the truth of God, and the only system of Obedience, and true "Peace" which God offers,

in favor of their continouly fighting, thinking eventualy one side will win over the other, and thus define what is homosexual, and what is not,
among other things,

while, in the meanwhile, both systems are nothing but pure and evil spiritual-homosexuality, even when it is "House=body," lending /joining
/role playing usage, which forces pure spiritual bi-sexuality, which only equals homosexuality in the eyes of God,

and as such, is all evil and wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And again, as such, why am I supposed to be impressed by the beautiful, topless goddess upper torso /over an alien head, as is found in the
famous photograph of the horsehead nebulae used in the book "The Splendors Of The Universe," ??????????????????????????

And of course in the book, and on it's cover, they use the three primary color dot-matrix, color photo representation system, which would
require one to use "anti-morie" reverse-color-seperation computer software, before one could enlarge the image, to realy check out the
details in the picture involved.

And to hide their secrests, when that same "Famous," photograph is used elsewhere, I have seen that they purposely "Blurr" the image,
so one can not distinguish what the image is all about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So again, if one is part of their spiritual-hell, which they as anti-christs try and sell as the truth, I guess one is supposed to again be
impressed by the gas-plasma nebulae ( so to speak )image of the alien/goddess, and her sexualtity, and the "Holographic-Alien-Universe,"
all over again??????????????????????

And if You look at a good close up of the Horsehead nebulae, inspite of the "changing" goddess images, taken from within it's center
-----because they/it "Evolves" over time, -----but if You see a close up image of the outer form of the Horsehead nebulae, it looks like a
"Dragon's Head," and not at all like a horse's head!!!!!!!!

And if one looks at the Monocerus Nebulae, one can see a Kingly God/Goddess, with an Egyptian Style Chin Beard, and carrying an Egg
----representing the sacred egg, in Pagan Iconography, including the Blasphemous Easter Egg tradition, once again brought to us by the
four horsemen of the apocalypse bearing, Unholy Roman Catholic Church,

And as such, am I supposed to be impressed with the worlds sick religions, and lying signs and wonders in the Heavenlies, and down here
on earth, once again????????????????????????

May Christ Richly Bless Those Who Truly Love Him, Amen.:bible: