Pretty on the inside

May 4, 2017
Alberta, Canada
So, I had this urge to do something over the top with my fingernails. I ended up with all these white rose appliqués and little fake diamond crystal stick ons all over my finger nails. Then I made soup.While stirring my crackers into my bowl, one of the appliqués and a couple of fake diamonds fell off into the soup. I couldn't find them and being hungry I just ate the whole thing. Now I am sparkly on the inside as well as the outside. I wouldn't recommend this as a routine part of one's diet, but on this one occasion I believe that all things shall come to pass.

"Twinkle twinkle little tummy, how come it is you're feeling funny? Could it be I've lost my way, or swallowed something bad today? I'll have that pink stuff on a spoon and be feeling much, much better soon."
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