Principalities Of Thought

Hello everyone

If you have being following the 7 principalities of God Almighty you would have noticed the ages/processes start with Meaning and finishes in Destination.

Principalities of thought

Meaning/initiative is the purpose caused by the reasoning of intent
Reconciliation is the reconciling of the meaning's purpose.
Creation is the purpose of the meaning through the reconciliation.
Teaching is the purpose for the creation.
Guidance is for the purpose of the teaching.
Choice is for the future of the creation
Destination is the result of the choice.

To understand is to be understood is it not?

To be understood starts with common understanding

A thought is an intent of purpose. If your intent of purpose is for the kingdom of God and His righteousness all these things will added to you. (Matthew 6:33).
The intent of purpose is the meaning/initiative that starts the process of reasoning into a relationship with our Father God Almighty in return our Father reconciles us and draws us into the reconciliation of His Son our Lord Jesus.
We thank God and our Lord Jesus Christ for John 3:16 for we have been given the reconciliation and find ourselves in one mind and body of the Father and the Son. Our purpose becomes for the salvation of creation this burns inside of us and leads us out to proclaim the teaching of the Good news of the word of God through Lord Jesus with the Guidance of the Holy spirit.
Leaving a choice for the destination of creation to be one with the Father and the Son through the Holy Spirit or not.
We find ourselves not wrestling with the flesh but the intent purpose of the opposing principalities of the devil.

It is important for our children and ourselves understand the mindset processes of thought.
Transgressive thoughts creates enticements when enticements intensifies it gives birth to sins and then leads to death James 1:14:15.

Enticed thoughts lead to demon possession, deception, lies, theft, slander,hate, murder, self image. Sexual immorality, blasphemy, apathy, arrogance, violence, false gods, raven images, not keeping the Sabbath holy,dishonoring your parents,coveting, habits, drugs, etc. all these leads to the second death.

We are not what we think we are but what we think we are.
Matthew 7:23 Lord Jesus will say to those I never knew you depart from me you evildoers.

Understanding the process of thought.

The creative thought process.

A painter needs a canvass what is a canvass but a foundation to paint on.
A person needs space what is space but a place to create thoughts in.

Before a painter paints a picture the painter needs a purpose to initiate the reasoning process.
Before a person thinks of a thought the person needs a purpose to initiate the reasoning process.

What is purpose but the reasoning of intent.

The painter mixes the paint to create the first stroke on the canvass.
The person reasons by intention to create the first thought in their space of mind.

The painter builds upon the first stroke on the canvass by mixing colour and adding shades.
The person builds upon the first thought in their space of mind by reasoning intentions.

The painter overlaps the unwanted strokes on the canvass with the wanted strokes for the final creation of the painter's initiated purposed.
The person's unwanted and wanted thoughts are reconciled through the reconciliation process for the final creation of the initiated purpose.

What do we have here a painter with a canvass and a platter of paint which goes through the brush to create a picture.
What do we have here a person with a space of mind that reasons intentions through the reconciliation and creates a thought.

The person reasoned with the painter is us we are created in the image of God.

The Painter is our Father God Almighty the canvass is the space of God the platter and paint is the reasoning of intention of God and through the brush Lord Jesus Christ the reconciliation came the painting.

Yes we are the painting of God. God is the principalities of all principalities.

In Jesus name

Brother in Christ