Problem with my search engine; really annoying!

Problem with my search engine; really annoying!

[NOTE: This ONLY occurs when I am using a NON-Macintosh/Apple computer, such as a HP notebook, or a Microsoft computer...My Macbook does not have this problem but I would like help to solve it for the other computers I use...]

Here's the deal:
If I used Google, Yahoo, or any other search engine I have problems with the results "jumping" pages, or not going to the page I asked for.

I do not know why this occurs.

If you do not know what this means or can't understand my explanation, here's what happens:
1 - I enter my search tag(s) [say, "sporthorses, german shepherds, christian forums..." etc.
2 - My search results come up
3 - I click on the name of the results, and, instead of going DIRECTLY to the result I clicked on I am "jumped" to another one.

Is there ANYWAY I can fix this.
It is really annoying.
Thanks for all your help!