problem with sibling and their spouse



problem with sibling and their spouse

the other day i had an argument with my sibling (who is now married).

i subsequently found out that my sibling told every detail to her spouse via email, who rather than trying to calm the argument, encouraged the fight and infact gave her 'lines' to say in the argument!!

i came across some 'confidential' emails between them (which they did not realise i had access to) discussing the issue and i was extremely hurt by the things said between them about me. until now we have always had a good relationship with only minor arguments as siblings do, but to find out the very nasty, horrible and hurtful things they had said about me to one another, and the fact that her spouse was encouraging the 'fight' really hurts me.

i know i have to forgive but it is very hard to be normal and restore the once close relationship having known the things they said. it is difficult for me to avoid them as we are in the one church and circle of friends. i am not sure what to do but even the memory of the emails that passed and the things that were said from people i thought were very close to me as family really hurts and i just dont think i can get over it.