Profile edit windows blank

Profile edit windows blank

My profile edit windows are blank and I am unable to edit my profile
Would you please look into this for me?



They are set up kind of strangley Cliff. Scroll all the way to the bottom and even then you may have to go all the way to the right but your info is there. I had the same problem until Pastor Gary and Housesitter wised me up.

Pastor Gary

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Cliff - we don't have a clue as yet as to why that section is roughly 17 inches wide as viewed on a large screen monitor. It USED TO BE correctly sized so all data was on a single width standard forum page, but somewhere along the way, it got reformatted somehow.

As Larry mentioned - go down 3/4 of the page and then use the arrow keys to scroll right. When you are finished, the SAVE button is dead center on that large page way at the bottom.

Jeff is looking in to the size issue but the page still works OK.