ProofDirectory | Prooving God's Existence :)

ProofDirectory | Prooving God's Existence :)

Hello Forum,

Please do not mistake me as spam, but I was searching around for Forums to share the news of our Ministry, and I saw this forum had a section for it, so I would like to share what we are doing.

We have been seeing a lot of atheistic and agnostic material out there, especially in YouTube, and now with this Zeitgeist movie out, its getting more popular. So we decided it is time for Christians to defend their beliefs! So we made a site, proving God's word and the logic of His existence.

The site:
Proof Directory | Beleif in God and proof of His word

Today we also made a forum:
ProofDirectory Forum

We also have videos on youtube, which you can see from the site.

I know it isn't right posting links on threads, please forgive me, but please understand what it's all about, we can really use the help :).

God bless you all.

ProofDirectory Team