Prophecy, Faith and belief etc

Hi guys,

So I'm 28. Going through a divorce, on the verge of being kicked of the country I've called my own/home for years - etc.

Almost gave up on Christianity, but there was always something keeping me lingering on.

So started attending this church, which is a Christian denomination others might find 'a tad different', called 'Celestial Church of Christ'.

In this church, they have a thing they do, which is meant to be a period/moment of time they experience 'being possessed by the Holy Spirit or one of GOD's Angels' -unsure. But it is debatable )which is the same with a number of things in the Christian world.

Anyway, while in this state, a lady gave me a message. Said good things to me, how I'm meant to be great etc. Can only hope shes not just telling me things friendly to the ear. Not too bothered about that, but what I'm supposed to do. A number of things that I find rather stressful and financially demanding at my present solution.

Now, not sure if I should be bothered about it all. Since these days, all these Christianity duties has been making me lenient and lazy towards my problems. Believing or having faith hasn't solved my problems. Prayed for almost 2 years for my marriage, nothing happened.

Anyway, should I believe? I tried to pour my heart out here. But guess I'm rubbish at that too.
Should I believe?
Well yes, to be a Christian I must believe that Jesus forgives sin, but I get to choose. I can believe or not. That is the way God made us.

Will belief save my marriage?
As I think about the examples from my own family, I think the believing the basics of Christianity does not guarantee a successful marriage.

What kind of church makes "stressful and financial" demands on the parishioners? That sounds really odd.

You must be a knew person. I'm not the official welcomer, but I can say welcome even if it is not official. So Welcome.
Cheers. It's funny, because spoke to one of the senior members of the church, had a convo with him. And he said, "treat church attendance like your work attendance. As it can be stressful. But GOD recognises the stress. It's all part of making GOD aware of your pain".

Does this make sense?
In the last scene in Hamlet, he quotes Jesus when he says something about how God knows the fall of a sparrow. With that in mind, how could God not know all my joy, sorrow, anger, or fear. Pain must a mixture of those four.

I go to school with Buddhists. (Also Atheists, Chinese Buddhists, Muslims, Yorubans, and my boyfriend is a Jew.). For Buddhists, life is about pain. They have more than two hundred words for it. One of the words must be performance anxiety.

So about performance anxiety. I’m a high school student and an athlete. Going to school is like going to work, and volunteering to play ball is like volunteering for church activities. Going to work or school is mandatory. My mother would beat me (family joke) with a rubber hose if I did not do well in school. Church and athletic activities are voluntary, but I think anything, for which I have committed to perform, has more or less the same performance anxiety.

So how do I deal with the performance anxiety? In school I study. I have a study group. I have friends in class to help when I miss school for games or meets. We spend all of the allotted time learning the facts, organizing the facts, debating the theories … I think a trapezoid should be a quadrilateral with … Well, I’m sorry I’m a geek. :)

As an athlete I train. We work on the fundamentals. We weight train. Pretty much, even if we lose, mostly I feel like we did the best we could do.

Speaking of allotted time, I need to go run. :)


The kingdom of God is in all of us my friend. God has a plan for your life and will thus direct you in the direction that He feels is best for you.
Some churches approach services different to advice would be to find one that you are comfortable in and feel at home.
God bless you in the stressful time of a divorce and the issues you are experiencing. Prayers as to be with you.