Prophecy regarding the elections

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I remind you again: don't be impressed by what you see and hear on the news media. Pay little to no attention to anything they say. Because unless they are in tune with Me, they don't know anything. They see things the way they want to see them. And they attempt to create things instead of report things. They try to create situations that will give them something to report. They care little to nothing about what you do or see or hear. But, I do care what you do, what you hear and what you see. And, if you will walk with Me, I will show you things to come. I will show you news before it happens.

The way it looks right now in the coming elections, is a very poor representation of what actually is going to be the outcome. But, rest assured, I know what I am doing, saith the Lord. And what is happening is in your favor.

And I might add, saith God, listen to this--for the presidential election is not the only election that is coming. Amen! There are senate seats involved. There are governorships involved. There are things other than just president and vice-president of the United States, which in some cases are equally as important. Amen!

So, be in prayer. You stand with Me. I am standing with you, saith the Lord. And we will do this thing together. And it will be in the favor of the gospel and it will be in favor of the kingdom of God. And it will be in favor of your prosperity.

Now, there are things coming this year that you need to be prepared for. You need to be standing on your faith. And don't let the devil pull you aside because there are some things coming on the national scene and there are some things coming that are going to get worse before they get better.

But ah-ha! All is well in the kingdom! All is well in the kingdom! And those that walk in faith and those that walk in love, EVERYTHING is going to be ALL RIGHT!
Let me put forward a few ideas about the elections:

1. God's world is bigger than the USA. Trying to map Biblical prophecies to local (even national) events is an error.

2. It is God's pleasure that we each prepare our heart in prayer, and let our prepared heart guide us (if we have properly prepared our heart, it will be His leading).

3. Those that support which ever side is 'the other side' may be just as led by God and Christian principles as any of us. Those that support who we support may be just as misguided as those who support candidates and issues we oppose.

4. God works His will regardless of the outcome of politics.

In more personal opinions, I am dismayed at both parties, and their candidates. They are more interested in winning than they are in any other principles.

It seems that whomever is the winner will have more votes cast in opposition to their opponent than votes cast because the voters support their positions.
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