Prophetic Music of the Temple/Tabernacle

Prophetic Music of the Temple/Tabernacle

First off a resounding "Praise God" for this forum and the gift of music our merciful Father has given to the children of God. I am a full time minister with the Salvation Army, a movement well know for brass bands and street marches for the Lord but I am not one of those types of musicians personally; though I LOVE the public display of worship. Specifically I have come to love "prophetic praise and worship" and find myself "caught up" in it as often as possible. To define very briefly, prophetic worship is a combination of "Spirit led" melodies and verbal utterances. In the praise and worship in the tabernacle/temple, musicians and prophets (those who speak the oracles of God) would minister to the presence of God from behind the veil separating the Holy of Holies and the Holy Place. In that time of worship it is believed the psalms where written or at lease some. In general the place where the musicians would sit/stand and the prophets would speak, it was dimly lit by candles and filling the room was smoke from incense burners. In the most holy place was the presence of God with the Ark of the Covenant and the worshipers would offer a sacrifice of praise, to the Lord. It is also believed, though conjecture, that the psalms and other songs were written "on the spot" if you will and recorded by scribes as the music was being played. An awesome spectacle that very little compares to, from a musical perspective except our new covenant and having the veil now ripped asunder and open to us His modern priests.
I'd like to start this tread to offer any advice I can from my 10 years of seeking the Lord in this fashion and would love to learn from any others who also worship God this way or others ways that may have parallels. We have been recording as of recent some of our sessions and have some of this available for download at I'd love to hear feedback on this as the Lord leads.

William Thomas Anderson
Oo-ran'-ee-os Muse


Praise God for spontaneuos worship, praise God for prophetic utterance- there is nothing I love more than to worship my God and this comes in many forms, to worship Him- this is one of the main reasons we were created.