Public School Problem

Public School Problem

Hi. My kids go to a public school and every Christmas, they have a Christmas program for the kids to sing songs. They don't sing Christmas song, though. They sing songs that have nothing to do with Christmas, then they call it a "Winter" Program. I've written to the music teacher who is in charge and nothing has happened. I tried to join a local PTA, but there aren't any, not even in the entire state. I've thought about starting my own, but I don't know what to do to get it going. Does anyone have any advice for this?
Have you considered home schooling as an option? It has been a tremendous blessing to our family.

You may also want to contact your State Board of Education. If you wouldn't mind posting what state you live in, I'm sure I could locate some contact information for you.


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unfortunately people muffle people,your school won,t be the only one,they take away your voice by controlling us.:eek:
Yeah, I go to a public school and yes, they do put restrictions on religion. The only time God is really "allowed" to be a school event is when we say the pledge. But the school is not against it, they just can not do anything for legal reasons, which is a shame.

However, at my school, me and my friend have set up a bible lesson group, every tuesday, after school we get together in our little cafe area thing and go through the bible and talk about what we think God is saying, and follow along with a few study books.

So, its not that religion and Christ is not allowed, it is just not allowed for everyone :/ which, is still very bad. However, I do think Homeschooling is ok, but I would rather be in a public school, since the school will not talk about Christ, I do!
Not all parents are educated enough to teach their children. My daughters were a lot smarter than me and way beyond what I could have ever taught them. They didn't get that from either of their parents.
Censorship of publicly displayed religous beliefs(especialy) Christian is a fact of life these days in the USA. For a long time the American education system was influenced by almost exclusively Christian beliefs. America has changed to a multicultural society. And since the legal system is religously diversified and predominantly non Christian, open expression of Christian beliefs have been systematicly removed in the name of separation of Church and state. This has resulted in the open expression of religous beliefs (Particularly Christian), being legaly banned from in the public education system. Even those who have christian convictions are prevented from private expression of christian beliefs while associating with students,teachers and staff. This is done by threats of and civil lawsuits which even if not upheld devistate the finaciances, reputation and life of the individual, be they student, teacher, parent or staff.
This situation will never get any better. In fact, it will become much worse as we draw closer to the end of times.
Christians in the education system are under constant intimidation and fear for their careers and livelyhood, from even the insinuation of non compliance.
The school often completely abandons the individual and sometimes turns against them to avoid any possible retribution and expence towards its other employees and or the institution itself.
Yes, they will most definatly throw the accused, falsely or not, under the perverbial bus to protect themselves and or the school.

So it's not surprizing that your calls never get returned. Even if they agree with you they are afraid to even speak of it lest they come under some scruteny and or retribution for doing so.

Home schooling if your a two parent family and not depending on both incomes to make ends meet.

Some school systems now have internet home schooling alternitves sponsered, supported and paid for by the local or state educational system. All the parent has to do is provide the guidence, disiplne and motivation.
Fight the system and take your chances and upset your life and possibly your childs education.

Place them in a christian school.

Or accept it for what it is and ensure that your children get what they need academicly from the local educational system while teaching them at home as the LORD intended in the first place.


There are fantistic home schooling programs out there, curiculums, resources and supplies that meet or exceed all secular requirements. It just takes time and effort to use them and who knows you as a parent-teacher might learn some things as well.;)
There are webrings, forums, websites, local associations /groups were the parent-teachers can get together and exchange ideas and help each other.

BTW, never admit to your children that they are smarter than you:eek::D:D
A child with that kind of information is dangerous ;):D:D

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Not all parents are educated enough to teach their children. My daughters were a lot smarter than me and way beyond what I could have ever taught them. They didn't get that from either of their parents.
Same here, but remember that the curriculums do take that into account.

We have a teachers guide and a student book for every lesson.
I happen to excel in math, science and bible, but it is also important to recognize your own limitations, we will get to the point in math where I will hire a tutor. I also teach auto mechanics and wood shop.

My wife teaches the home ec, charm and ethics, language arts, history and geography.

As I said, the teachers guide gives you the solutions to the math problems, you will either remember the lessons from your own youth, or you will learn along with your children. (Thats when school is the most fun!)
Yesterday we built a visible 4 cylinder engine, complete with push rods, cam, rocker assembly, it all comes in a kit with instructions, so now they understand how an engine works. I even learned a thing or two.

For science, we dissected a crayfish, again, this comes in kit form with instructions and all the information you need to teach step by step. Good home school classes are truly designed with the undestanding that the parents do not have a teaching degree.

BTW, never admit to your children that they are smarter than you:eek::D:D
A child with that kind of information is dangerous ;):D:D
VERY Funny! .... And very true. :eek:

Another major advantage to Christian home schooling is the fact that everything is based on the Word of God. When we take language arts, spelling, reading comprehension, sentence structure, it is all from bible readings. Most of the history is also taught directly from scripture. As are the cultural studies.

Also, I wouldn't say that you have to go from 2 to 1 income, more like 1 1/2. Remember that when home schooling you don't need an 8 hour day to provide a better education than the government schools.

We don't have a 15 minute goof off hallway time between classes, We don't spend an hour a day on sex and drug use, we can usually eat lunch while having class, no one has to wait when they need assistance, No home room, no study hall, no recess so we are usually done by 12:00. then the kids and I have the rest of the day available.