Question about concordance

Question about concordance

Hi all,

I received a concordance after my baptism, and I have no idea how to use it. Can someone tell me how I am supposed to use it? I would be so grateful. God bless!
Is it a strong's concordance?

Well, here's the reference page for that one anyway :) (just add the www to the front)

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Hi Goodwin

If it's a Strong's Exhaustive Concordance the words are in alphabetical order. You can look up any word or subject that would be in the King James version and find each verse and where it is in the Bible. For instance, if you want to find all the verses about Peace, or if you know there is a certain one in Philippians but don't know the chapter and verse it will show you.

At the end of each reference is a number. Look up that number in the dictionary in the back of the concordance. If it's a book from in the Old Testament, it's in the first dictionary, which gives that original word in the Hebrew. If it's a book from the New Testment, its in the second dictionary and is the Greek word.

I love word studies and used to do that all the time but just don't have that much time anymore. Its very revealing. The way they talk today and in this country is different from back in Bible times and in the East. Sometimes we are not understanding a verse because we are trying to understand an Eastern book with a Western mentality.
Glad this was brought up I have a concordance now and was trying to figre it out..LOL

Thank you for sharing this Godspeaks.

Hi, Goodwin 17...

'GodSpeaks' gave you some very sound information. I'd just like to add something if I may -

Dr. Strong and his staff of Christian educators used the King James Version Bible to key his Concordance to and his work was (as the title suggests), exhaustive.

However, over the years, several Concordance versions have been released by NON-Christian publishers who have manipulated Dr. Strong's work to deliberately deceive. It is a general rule that if you have a Strong's Concordance published IN OR BEFORE 1991, that you are probably safe - with a non manipulated version.

There IS a test, to see if the one that you have meets Dr. Strong's original standards.

For those who now have or plan to purchase a "Strong's Complete Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible", use this test to make absolutely certain that you are getting one of the versions that Dr. Strong himself would have approved of.

In the front Index section, go to the word 'Kenite'. Then, in the Hebrew dictionary, go to word number 7017. That word is "Qeyniy" OR "Qiyniy". If the word meaning explaination after that Hebrew word INCLUDES the word, "PATRON" from the base word referenced to # 7014", you MAY have a proper copy of the Concordance.

Backing up to word number 7014, we see that the word there is "Qayin". The explaination of word # 7014 must include the fact that this word references to "CAIN and the Kenites". If the word explainations for 7017 and 7014 are both listed as mentioned above with proper word references, then your copy of the Concordance is a proper copy of Dr. Strong's original work.

If the explainations do not include the words "patron" in 7017 and "Cain - Kenites" in 7014, then that Concordance is one of the deception copies and should be avoided.

Remember in Revelation 2-3 (KJV) where Christ evaluated the seven churches and sent them letters concerning the manner in which they taught scripture? The only two churches that he did not find fault with were the churches of Smyrna [ Revelation 2:8-11 (KJV) especially Revelation 2:9 (KJV) ] and the church of Philadelphia [ Revelation 3:7-13 (KJV) especially Revelation 3:9 (KJV) ]. Those two churches were the only two that taught correctly as to who the Kenites really were (descendants of Cain; "they claim to be of our brother Judah, but are of the synagogue of Satan"). The other five churches were already teaching falsely - even during Christ's own lifetime on earth.

When we look in the Concordance for the word, 'Kenite'... and see that the proper meanings are listed, that Concordance can probably be trusted. If it does not meet the test listed above, it usually means that it was published by non-Christians who wish to keep Cain's lineage and seed line a secret.

Blessings to you in your studies.
Mine is real old, 1975. I remember a few years ago when they were advertizing the new one was best. Even when I asked the people at the Bible store what the difference was and how some of the words could have a different meaning now than before, they just shrugged and didn't understand either. Well that explains it, I didn't know it was now published by non believers.

The truth is the truth; and the truth of God's Word does not change. He doesn't change His mind about what His will is and His ways. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. So we better not compromise His Word either

Pastor Gary, I wonder how the online Strong's is, do you know? I have use it alot but didn't think about this at the time.
My concordance isn't a Strong's. It is from the Zondervan's Understand the Bible Reference Series. It is made for the NIV Bible, which is what version the church gave me. If the online Strong's is a good reference, then I will use that one too. Thank you for the information. Blessings
Goodwin17 -

Please remember that the Strong's Concordance can be used successfully only with the Authorized King James Version Bible of 1611.

Thank you.
The 1611 version?? :eek: Not many people had that until the internet recently. Who told you about that Pastor? :)

I never heard that before. Why hasn't anyone told us this? I thought it was any that were the older ones.
'GodSpeaks', you may be a little confused about the title.

The Bible that Dr. Strong keyed his Strong's Concordance to is called "The Authorized King James Version Bible of 1611" and is a COMMON bible with worldwide availability through many Christian or Regular Book Stores. This version has been widely distributed since it's first publishing run in the year 1611 and is still statistically the most widely read bible in the world.

The one that my staff uses to teach from is the Large Print Edition published by Thomas Nelson Publishing, released in 1996. It is a reprint of the original King James Version Bible and this particular one carries the International Standard Book Number (ISBN) ISBN-13: 9780785202684, and is available in many places including Barnes and Noble, Borders Books, Amazon, etc.

REF: Giant Print (14 point type) Reference Bible, Thomas Nelson, Book - Barnes & Noble

I am not saying that it is the 'best' bible, or the 'only' one that should be used by readers. The original question in this thread was about Concordances, and my reply was to simply explain that the original Strong's Concordance only works with the King James Version Bible.

I have currently a Strongs concordance, published by Zondervan, Date 2002, with a ISBN-10: 0310246970 and ISBN-13: 9780310246978. My question is, is this version accurate. Thank you all for your help
I have currently a Strongs concordance, published by Zondervan, Date 2002, with a ISBN-10: 0310246970 and ISBN-13: 9780310246978. My question is, is this version accurate. Thank you all for your help

Please look at Post number 6 in this thread back on page 1 and try the Concordance Test...

Please let us know what you find.