Question for Christians

Nice of you to say that you would save this choking atheist`s life.......
But I do have the nagging question in the back of my head if all of you really would.
Nothing personal, I don`t know any of you.
Just relating to my lifelong struggle as an evangelical/fundie who spent many years in churches and was rarely honestly welcome there.
Now I am an ex-churchian trying to heal from lots of trauma.
The terms "real christian" or "true christian" give me the creeps, because I have witnessed just too many christians behave unbelievably cruel toward others who are not "their kind". This cruelty also extends well into inter-denominational power fights.
To add insult to injury, christian abusers are simply declared "not real christians" by other christians. The reasoning being that "true christians" never act cruel or hateful!
If christians were defined by how they act, and if their words match their actions, there would be few "real christians", I`m afraid!
I find one of those few every now and then, they are a blessing to get to know!
As for the masses of "real christians", I have learned the hard [and very painful] way to stay clear of them........unfortunately it took me decades to figure out that I was not created to be other folks` doormat [or less].

I am able to separate man made organizations and institutions from Creator Jesus.
And I would, as I have in the past, help anyone in need as much as I can.
Christian, non-christian, atheist, dominator.......doesn`t matter who they are and if they like me or hate me. If they are in need and I can do something about it, I will [and have].
I find it very sad (but not surprising) to hear about your quite bad experiences with those calling themselves Christians, but who were apparently just church-goers. I do use the words "real" or "true Christians" in my Messages, to distinguish those who ARE real from those who are simply nominal Christians. You said, "If christians were defined by how they act, and if their words match their actions, there would be few "real christians", I`m afraid! Once again, with deep sadness, I have to totally agree.

But it was nice to read what you said next: "I find one of those few every now and then, they are a blessing to get to know! That's so wonderful to hear!! You could so easily (and understandably) be totally 'turned off', cynical, angry, etc., etc . I honour you for the fact that you are not!!

May I enquire if by "trying to heal from lots of trauma," you mean getting over what you've experienced in churches? (it sounds like it may be). My beloved wife and I have been seriously harmed by a particular church. It took Beloved maybe 7 years to recover from it, and probably even longer. It sure tends to make you rather wary, doesn't it.

It made me go back to the Scriptures to read it APART FROM MAN'S TEACHINGS, but rather asking the Holy Spirit to TEACH ME what they really say!! What I've learned has utterly changed and revolutionised my life, given me insight that still stuns me, brought me to Scriptural maturity I'd never ever sought - and you can read the results of my journey in The Inner Room (see Sig. below).

I've been here virtually every day for nearly 2 years now, and can assure you that there are a considerable number of really true Believers on this forum!! (At age 71 and over 50 years seriously with the Lord, I can tell the true from those who aren't.) What utterly amazes me though is the number of people who come each day to read my "condensed sermons" as I sometimes call them! *lol!* (Nearly 140 visits per day average. Coming to read about true Practical Christian living. How astonishing!)

I hope you'll stay, find the real Christians, and maybe even read what I write. (I think this is the first time I've ever "plugged" the IR (as we refer to it) in posts outside of my threads - but your post both intrigued and 'got' me so much, that, well, I've now done it!!!)

May the Lord God heal all the harm that's been done. May you find those who will truly love you here. May your life ultimately be transformed - as I totally believe it can be!!

Much love and blessings from

- BM (with his Lady)
Nov 21, 2009
New York
of course I would save her! that's horrible!
Jesus loves that atheist even if she doesn't even believe in Him.
And I totally agree with Ezek with the scripture that he provided (James 4:17).
Nov 5, 2009
Near Dayton Ohio
Anyone not with god is just lost, Saving her life would be a first step in helping her find her way back. Remember we are all born innocent and with God, maybe she just needs a hand to lead her back.



I definately hope I would save her. Do you save someone, though they have done many horrible things? Do you save someone, even though they have no desire to save you? Do you save someone, when you have it in your power to do so, though you may strongly disagree with what they have done? Isn't that what Jesus has done for us? Just think,what if Paul hadn't been saved, because of what he did.. or any of the other wicked people that repented...including me maybe? Again,I think the answer is in,perhaps, how you think He treated you..
Thanks for letting me share. :)


What did apostle Paul do, before he became a christian? He not only talked against Christianity, but put christians in prison, and supported killing them. What was the response of Jesus Christ about that? Paul got saved, by the grace and mercy of God, and became an apostle of Jesus Christ. That is God's will, the atheist woman, to be saved, and not to die unsaved, from choking.


The moral of the story from a dog's perspective.

I once performed the Heimlich Maneuvre on my dog - a large German Shepherd. As he recovered he bit me - the first and last time he ever bit anyone.

I kept on loving that dog and that dog kept on loving me until the day he died. If there is a moral here I think it has more to do with love for your fellow man/dog than thinking about theoretical consequences.

God can get along perfectly well without anyone else being allowed to die to help your faith. It was a pretty dumb 'trick' question anyway.
Jan 6, 2007
I would be more concerned about contniuing the earthly life of a non beleiver than a beleiver. After all eternity is much more important. The saved have nothing to fear from death from this earth.

By the way. . . No one who truely knows God can be swayed from the faith by the words of others. So an atiestthat can convert Christians into ahtiests is a mythe




HI , yes of course if i let her die ,i will not do the will of Jesus ,a merciful person is a royal person, we can not for a moment think that God isn't capable of dealing with a person that , Jesus said let those who have ears listen , if you belong to the devil you will listen to him, but if you belong to God you will not listen to a foolish person like the one you described GT

I have an scenario for you, and I am really curious to read your answers.

You are hired by a high school to debate an atheist. This atheist is a well known speaker. She argues against Christianity at schools and clubs. She has swayed hundreds or thousands of people away from Christianity by her arguments and talented way of speaking. You debate her, and find out that twenty people in the audience decide to leave Christianity because of her arguments.

Later, you are sitting waiting for a bus with her. The bus station is deserted. She tells you that her goal in life is to convert Christians away from their faith. She is eating lunch as she talks.

Then, suddenly, she gasps and grabs her throat. She is choking. She can't breathe, and she will be dead in four to five minutes if no one helps her. There is no one around, and the nearest ambulance services if twenty minutes away.

If you let her choke and die, no one will ever blame you, really- you can just say you didn't know what to do. But you can save her life by dong the Heimlich maneuver. However, if you do, there is the chance that she will spend the rest of her life working against God.

What do you do? Do you sit there and let her choke to death, or do you save her?

Hope Restored

I was wondering if Theophilus (not sure of the spelling) is still manning this blog. I think it was started by him about 3 yrs ago or so. I came across it when I Googled Christians and Mental Disorders. There's not much of value out there on the www for Christians, as far as spiritual support and how they cope with the various disorders. The strangest posts were those who attributed all of them to demonic possession or sins that we're committing. Unless I missed the Lord's Second Coming I can safely say we are all still living with sin. The demonic possession thing was so sad to hear. I can't imagine that some members of the Lord's Church actually believe it. Or, perhaps I'd be more surprised "how many" do.

It's sad too, that most within the Church will also define those of us who suffer from Mental Disorders in the same light that the secular world does. The stigma attached to the "Mental Illness" label hasn't changed much since they used leeches to bleed out people's bad blood regardless of what was ailing them. :)

I just wanted to check and see if comments were still open. Thanks!