Question Game

Didn't have one, focused on Jesus but took the good bits & pieces from different people and used them :smiley10:

Your favorite toothpaste?
They mean everything to me. Because He is my life and He is telling me His will and what He loving has given me, if I will recieve them.

Do you like the hustle and bustle of Christmas?
Usually. But it's been a very emotional year. My nana died on October 21, 2008 and the next day, my Uncle was diagnosed with cancer and he's pretty much dying right now. My Grandfather is bipolar and very manic right now. It's been really bad and is getting worst. So my mom's usually not home because she's at the hospital with my Grandpa. I'm excited for Christmas but also stressed...

Is brushing your teeth a pain?
Maybe not a "huge" one but something delicious :smiley90:

Do you like waking up early in the mornings?