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Revelations is one of the most controversial books in human history. I have see (over the years) dozens of well thought out theologies that seemed to include every detail and had everything mesh in what seemed to be perfect order. And yet these generally contradicted each other and those with these different points of view really seemed to rub each other the wrong way at times. My point- give everyone room to express their views on this as there is at least at this time no definitive answer for it all. Personally I believe that this book was locked away for a time and is now being revealed a little at a time to us as the Holy Spirit gives us eyes to see.
This is not an argument, nor am I being dogmatic but I am simply asking everyone to maintain a respectful attitude towards other members and their views.

Thank you, Boanerges.
The Woman & The Dragon.

Hi Nearer,
The Woman as used here represents God's Own People Isreal, under the Spiritual Covering offered by the Prophets.
The Son brought forth is Jesus. Confirming what Jesus said to the woman by the well, that it is from Jews that Messiah comes.
I must also add that everyone that trusts God to reveal more about endtime, God will reveal, even doing so, through others thisway. This is Endtime and in my opinion much of what was consealed by either Daniel or John The Revelator is graciously revealed to us today, save the Seven Thunders in Rev.10:4.
What I've always been taught is the woman is depicted as the Virgin Mary and the child as Christ in John's vision, but she actually represents God's chosen people (the stars represent the 12 tribes of Israel.) Israel gives birth to the Messiah and then becomes the "new Israel," or the church, which is persecuted.

This is what it supposedly represents. Why that's important for us to know, I have no idea. The only thing I do know for sure about apocolyptic language in the bible is this: Understanding this first, that no prophecy of scripture is made by private interpretation. 2 Peter 1:20

I agree with the moderator, this is dangerous territory. To me it seems that sitting around making guesses goes directly against what scripture advises.


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