Question ....


Question ....

I don't know much about computers cause I am a senior who fell through the cracks , never having any formal training .... in other words all I know is what I taught myself .

Anyways I am puzzled by this notice that comes on my computer about an add on .... what is that and should I accept it ? . It says it's from micro soft .

Thanks for an explanation .
An add on is usually another program requesting to be added to your web browser because it currently is not able to use what is being interpreted by the web browser software . (for example for YouTube to work you need a flash add on and for .pdf documents you need an Adobe Acrobat add on) what add on was it?
Sorry I can't remember . I just wondered what an add on was . If it comes up again I will let you know and thanks for the answer.
I think i know the meassage you mean. in the top of the screen it will say "microsoft corporation wants to add on the following" It will always display the publisher. If it says the publisher is microsoft, this is usualy safe. However if you are browsing and one of these mesages pops up and it is unrelated to whatever you are doing, dont accept it. These add ons and activex controld can sometimes carry unwanted software that can be harmful, so just be careful :)
Thanks Marty . I am learning that and now I don't accept those messages. .... like toolbars and stuff . That just messes up my computer and I had to have a tech come and remove all that stuff.
Toolbars are generaly a bad thing. one however which works great is google toolbar. It has many good things that help your computer. There are also some good and, watch for the magic word, FREE software packages out there that will protect your computer from nasty spyware and virus outbreaks etc. If you want i could link some here for you to instal on your computer. or if you are not confident enough to do it you could maybe get someone else to help. If not, and it really bothers you, i would be willing to detail step by step instructions for you. Just ask if you need anything as i taught myself how to use and repair computers and i all too well remember how frustrated i got and how thankful i was when i got a little help from time to time so id be happy to help :)
Thank you very much Marty . I think I will just stay where I am right now as have spyware , antivirus and malware installed and I am very careful when I get an alert from my virus program not to accept things. But if I have a problem I will at least know who I can ask . Blessings and thanks .