Hi i just wanted to ask a group of fellow christians about this question we as a class were asked in 'religious studies' today. It wasnt really a question more of a proposition that Jesus and his disciples are always depicted as being white caucasian males even though they lived in the middle east and would have certainly had arabic features and skin colour, anyway i was just wondering why you think this is.

It probably sounds silly but this has led me to question my faith a bit because there are some answers that i have thought of that dont cast my new found faith in a very good light.

Im sure that there is a really simple answer to this but id like to know what you think,

Christ and most of the Disciples ( with a couple exceptions ) were Jews by religious affiliation and of the seed line of "Eth Ha Adam" or "THE Man Adam" - (the full name for Adam in Hebrew). What does the description of Adam have to do with Christ? Look carefully at Luke 3:23-38 (KJV) for the geneology of Christ through Mary, His natural mother. The line goes back umbilical cord to umbilical cord to Adam, from the Garden of Eden.

If we take a Strong's Concordance and look up the word "Adam" as shown in Genesis 5 (KJV), it is assigned Hebrew Word Meaning # 120 in the Hebrew Dictionary and is from Hebrew Word # 119 as the root derivation. What does "Adam" mean in Hebrew? - 'To show blood in the face'... OR more specifically, 'ruddy complected'.

I hope that answers your question concerning depictions, because they are rooted in the Hebrew language and are Biblically accurate
Hi Alex, I am wondering if you are saying Christ's skin color has something to do with your faith.
Not a judgement, just a question.

What have you learned or question that disturbs you; I am interested, and God bless
Im worried because i was thinking that maybe Jesus is depicted as white because the church couldnt have a person who wasnt white as a religious figure and therefore it is almost as if the founders of the faith were a bit, well racist maybe?

Also thanks very much for your response pastor!
If Christ was depicted as white and possibly in the past it may have been due to either racism or ignorance should have no significance to us now, and I say that very lovingly, Waffles.
Jesus is who he is.
He died for our sins and gave us salvation.
Would it matter if he were Asian, Black, White?
He loved us more than anyone ever will and I love him more than I'll ever love anyone.
I had a couple of freinds through school, who were both Jews. They were both white and in all honesty, I didn't know they were Jews until someone had told me.
Just wait until Easter and Christmas when all the Jesus movies have Jesus speaking in Shakesperean KJV 1611 English
:D Adam was litterally " a man of the red earth"- Jesus being Jewish would have been olive skinned like the majority of His people- as I told another person one time- it doesn't matter what color the can is as long as the coke is good- don't get into majoring on the minors-