Questions pertaining to "Christian contemporary"

Questions pertaining to "Christian contemporary"

Is contemporary Christian music really Christian music?

It seems to me that it is only secular music masquerading as Christian.

Example: Would it be okay for a Christian to dress up as a secular or satanic figure (Hitler as a, perhaps somewhat extreme, example).

It is common knowledge that the genres of contemporary Christian music ("Christian" rock bands I mean, specifically ones aimed towards youth and young adults) are secular/satanic in their roots.

Am I wrong in my reasoning? Is it really true that anything with a Christian message is okay? Or maybe it is alright to make sacrifices sometimes if the result has more good than bad?
Am I wrong in my reasoning? Is it really true that anything with a Christian message is okay? Or maybe it is alright to make sacrifices sometimes if the result has more good than bad?
Yes and no. How's that for a safe answer.;)

As far as the music part of your question, I have mixed emotions. I think it has a lot to do with how the artists performs their music. If they perform in reverence and respect to God, then I see no problem with it. But I can definitely see where you're coming from. I attended a church one night and they had their own instruments to play their own music. They had played songs that I had heard before and considered to be pretty modest, but they were all jazzed up when they played them. people were jumping up and down in the aisles. Some were slam dancing, some were dirty dancing. I left the service during the first song because I felt the way they were acting was disrespectful to God's House. It wasn't the song, but their actions.

Now for the "anything with a Christian message is okay" part, I can't agree with that. Anything that is contrary to the Word of God is wrong no matter what label it wears. For example, I know of a lady that claims to be a Christian prostitute. And she justifies her actions because she witnesses before she "performs." But, that is jumping way over the line!!!

So no, not everything that wears a Christian label is Christian in nature.
I know there is much debate on this one. Is Christian rock really Christian music? Yes. Absolutely, definitively, and by definition. They have Christian lyrics, they have a Christian message, so there should be no question there. However, a much more important question could be raised, is it holy and acceptable to God? That question raises some serious issues, and in my personal walk, I've found a variety of answers.

Simply put for me, I am a Christian. I play a variety of instruments. But, nearly everything I play, I play for the glory of God. I play to praise him. Even if I'm not heard, it's enough for me to know that I'm doing it with my whole heart, atuned to God. So, if I play a Kutless song, or a Pillar song, am I suddenly serving Satan instead of God? How about a greyer area? What if I play a Green Day song? Can I still say I'm a Christian musician?

I think this is something that each of us should answer personally. I don't care how great of logic people come up with, I know that my personal experience has been far to great to accept anyone telling me that Christian rock is evil. I've felt drawn to God through it. it speaks to me in ways that hymns NEVER will. It addresses issues the old hymns don't.

Hymns like talking about the great things that will happen after we die, or the wickedness of the world. Great. But how does that minister to me NOW? I'm not a Christian because I want to get to heaven when I die, I'm a Christian because I desire a deep relationship with Christ NOW. Modern Christian music often addresses things that we are going through now, living in today. Often the message is strong, but sometimes it does get diluted. But, because some are fakes, does that mean all are condemned? There are fake Christians, and fake churches everywhere you look. Do we then decide that Christianity is false?

Christ himself said, that there would be fakes. But those that are real in Him will know them and reject them. Listen to the message, and use discernment before casting judgement.
I know I may have posted this thought somewere before but I think it bears repeating- when the church organ was introduced many people refered to them as " the devils bagpipes"- just try and take them away from some of the older mainline churches now- the point is don't get caught up in legalistic traditionalism- instead examine the heart of the individual song- is it a love song to the Lord?Is it a testimony to God's goodness and faithfulenss? Is it praise to the Name of the Most High? -If so it is most certainly Christian for music was created to worship the Lord- just because something is a different expression or type of worship doesn't make it wrong- the sons of Eli angered God by profaning the offerings their brothers brought God- let us not do the same.