Quick Reply "Y" or "N" on if you decorate eggs for Easter

Quick Reply "Y" or "N" on if you decorate eggs for Easter

Just take a moment or two and reply with a "Yes" or a "no" to let me know if your family decorates eggs (or did) for Easter.

My answer = Yes
After 4 years of preaching and teaching against the pagon practices I finally got them all to forsake it all for a traditional dinner and rememberance of the resurection and it's significance to our salvation.

sincerely His
Also NO for the same reasons that Theo has stated. We celebrate Christian Passover in remembrance of the Trial, Crucifixion, Torture and Death on the Cross, Entombment and Resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

We do not make the remembrance into a fun and games time with pagan idols (bunnies and eggs) nor do we spend any time in anything not related directly to the somber honoring of Christ for the sacrifice that He made for all of us.

The pagan 'easter' traditions (lower case deliberate) have nothing to do with Christ. These decrees from the "church" some 1700 years ago, brought pagan rituals into the same time period as the historical Crucifixion of Christ to bring in new pagan converts and to increase the cash flow of the "church" by the increase in tithing with these new pagan members. The "church" has been involved in falsehoods like this for their entire existance.
Easter isn't about coloring Easter eggs--it's all about Him, the Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore the answer is NO
Got to say no- I may boil some not beacuae of ester but beacuse I like them- I have to go with out with easter in with celebrating the ressurection.