Quick To Judge, People I Ignored

Jesus Freak

Previously DanaCovert68
I want to say I am wayyyyyyyyy too quick to judge people on here. And I get wayyyyyyyyyy too serious very easy. I just need to think before I speak.

I am also sorry if I hit the ignore button on about 10 profiles. You don't deserve that. I'm not going to hit the ignore button anymore. If I don't understand sumthin that you guys say, I will PM you to explain it to me.

Just know this is not a help!!!!!!!!!! thread. Just me telling you all sumthin that's on my mind today. Anyway... Back to being Mr. Positive. God bless y'all.
Remember your new nature....and that you are a work in progress! Don't beat yourself up dana, just turn to Him and continue to let Him mould you! :)