Reality Bender 01 - Introduction

Hi All,

I have created a series of "Reality Bender" videos for my video ministry on YouTube ("Islandbard" Channel). The world is in the grip of a very powerful and pervasive illusion that the word of the Lord is fantasy and illusion and that the word of the Atheistic science community is reality. But I have been looking into the reality we all live in with fresh eyes curtesy of the indwelling Holy Spirit, and found that the word of the Lord speaks very much to the physical reality around us and that it is science and even large parts of the CHRISTIAN community that has been hijacked by those who desire to create an illusion of reality. And they have been very successful with it to the point that even believers avoid reality, thinking it is not on their side.

After years of being told by the world what is and is not reality the things I discovered certainly bent my reality. Hopefully it will bend yours also - into the TRUE reality of which the Lord speaks. Perhaps after you see some of the truth of the reality you live in you will be equiped in season and out to point people to the reality about them and SHOW them the reason you believe. For when you discover the truth of the reality we live in you find it is NOT irrational and illogical to believe in the Lord. It is illogical and irrational to NOT believe in the Lord.

Hope you find these useful and informative. Happy to discuss anything in them anytime.


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