Reality Bender 08 - A Land Not Before Time

Please remember I am happy to discuss these Reality Bender videos with anybody who wants to find out more and investigate further for themselves.

WOW that was very interesting. Too bad my brother thinks we came from Amoebas. This vid would blow him away hehehe

Chili out
Hi Chili,

It is fascinating to explore the actual reality we live in and not what we are TOLD to believe is reality. What's more the true reality around us is in EVERY way consistent with what the Lord has ACTUALLY told us in His word. That is why it is so important not only to be aware of the actual reality about us but also the reality of what the Bible REALLY says and what it does not.

The point of illusion and deception is to obscure and cloud reality. The way to expose illusion and deception is to clarify and highlight reality.

Hope you find the next reality bender equally fascinating. I am about to put it up now.

Praying the new year goes well for you.