Receiving Direct Revelation.

There are not many who can teach this topic but it is direct revelation that taught me how to get it.

would like to share some tips how it can be possible. Also things to be aware of.
It is always dangerous to enter the spiritual realm. it is there you meet with the 2 powers.
the first one wants to deceive you because he knows how destructive it is for his kingdom for you to hear from God. He even pretends to be Holy Spirit. in Matt. 4 he quoted the word to Jesus to try to deceive him with it. For example one minister says God told him that by grace we no longer need conviction for sin. That is called anti-nomianism, one who lives lawlessly.

One of the key factors in conviction for sin is to help us in the processes where God knows beforehand that you are under attack. Look at Peter , Jesus prays for him before he sins because he knows the devil has a sifting process to try and destroy.

False deceptive words can be harmful.. Look what happened yesterday----a girl received a message she won the home queen honor. it was a hurtful lie, we see people who put her in the home queen position to help her from the abuse.

The devil is very good with the word he lived with God a long time---he is a fallen angel. He can use powers falsely. I have seen people speak in tongues and behind the scenes do wicked things.
the only way to tell it is God with them is when mighty things are done by the Spirit. The enemy has to keep you from getting the real thing and thereby the true power of God ( power to pull down strongholds) then if you have it try to cause you to mess up and use it wrongly.

One proof of this is the O.T. people didn't have the power we have by the Holy Spirit except by the leading of God in different situations. That's why Jn.14:12 shows greater works shall you do because I go to the father.

For me the devil tries to keep people from hearing what God gives me. that is really the third way he attacks. My tactic was brought forth through the idea that if it a big deal to stop me from something I should press in harder to get it. The most prescious things of God cost the most. We are kept humble that way.

God will start you in by seeing your commitment and total dedication to him. You will have to be a person of the word and willing to be checked as to anything that is true or false. You'll always be on God's side about everything. You will be seperated from the love of the things of the world.

But you know what? you will taste of his cup of delicious drink. Once you hear something and know it was him, it will drive you on to get more. next time how to get it using my experiences.
it was difficult for me when the Holy Spirit said you can't share some things I have given you. No problem with obedience, just felt people would be excited. God showed me that he gave them for me to be excited. Fellowship with a living God is a priviledge and he wants what he gives us to be loved and respected. He loves us all in different ways and what he gives us money cannot buy. We must in turn respect that and realise our position to be on the receiving end.

So we give with his guiding and leading. God is wise and I appreciate his friendship.

We find ourselves in conflict with the devil, we do pay a price for God's illumination. Many times he uses circumstances to give us a hard time even when we are not fighting him or doing any thing in particular. Fellowship with Jesus costs something but it is well worth it. Even if we have to fast to draw closer to him.

We must keep our hearts with all diligence for out of it are the issues of life. We must stay by faith under the blood atonement which was made once for all. That is our covenant of peace.
Don't fear God knows a heart longing after him, without reservations. He will be to us just like the 3 boys in Daniel who went into the fire furnace. They came out better than when they went in.
it was difficult for me when the Holy Spirit said you can't share some things I have given you. No problem with obedience, just felt people would be excited. God showed me that he gave them for me to be excited. Fellowship with a living God is a priviledge and he wants what he gives us to be loved and respected. He loves us all in different ways and what he gives us money cannot buy. We must in turn respect that and realise our position to be on the receiving end.etc

What tests do you use to verify whether these revelation are from the Lord, yourself or the enemy?
I appreciate your post. The thing that was shown me was that because the things he has given me are so valuable yet there are those that have a take it or leave it attitude. embarressingly I am not as careful as the Lord showed me. He does love us when we make mistakes, he did deal firmly though.

He hasn't closed every door, just certain things that are extra special.

today he gave me a song while just sitting in the room. it was the rest of a song which finished the addition to the chorus.

Here is one that I can share. God can cause a person to instantly step into another realm of the Spirit. It really is a changing into another man like King Saul was.

There are many ways to hear God. indirect revelation is more given than direct.
3 tests-- it must line up with the word.
it will produce good fruits (righteousness.
it will be a inner witness by the Spirit.

There are so many poor brethren who want to hear God and be involved in his will for their lives.
Few have been able to catch on to how to hear and fear because they haven't.
Guess how easy it is ? reread this paragraph of 3 lines. Wasn't that easy.

another--- hey there Rusty.----------- You see God speaks to us just like I was just speaking to you.
In Daniel the 3 boys were in the furnace with the pre-incarnate Christ. When you read that account, you can almost see what is happening there. When we read it we see Jesus literally standing there in the furnace with them. right? Well we have it better. He is literally standing inside us. That is if the kingdom of God is within us by the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

To get you started, Come into a room alone
you are not alone though. the 2 will be there, one in you, the other will flea at God's presence.
How to get the presence. pray in the Spirit Jude v.20 it has to happen where it says building up your most Holy faith. Then worship in sincere heart speech, no empty words.

#1 issue God will have no fence stradlers. We cannot be outside the camp. We have to show God who sees our hearts----what we want to say. Ever seen that in church? people say hello and don't really take a interest in you.

You did hear their voice by the way.

If they are willing to say hello without sincerity, How much more does God want to say hello sincerely.
I am trying so hard to miss a day, though the devil interferes. We do have to get rid of the concept that God doesn't have reason to speak to me.
The bible says whosoever loves the things of the world the love of God is not in them. So like Peter say help me I'm sinking.
I have learned a lot about loving God but not for what he can give me. Amazingly when you fellowship with God you feel like you have everything.
We must not forget him just because we can't see him. The devil is just a lot of 4th of July noise but God's still small voice is louder than that.

one hearing key to remember---God doesn't have to speak and when he does most of the time he speaks in deep wisdom. Like I said indirect is more common. He gives enough of that to make up for occasional directs.

The greatest attitude we can have towards him is understanding how great and precious he is. He is A-L-L- priviledge, amazingly he stoops down to finite man. He knows we are weak and likes that so he gets all the glory.

Less and less TV, more and more bible, if you knew how many times he has spoken to me you would probably pass out. So come on now and get yours---now that's my prayer that your excitement will overwhelm you to full revival. If you taste the good gift one or two times it is like a addiction---a good one. By the way don't pay the devil any attention he loves it. God bless for now. I pray to for you.
There are many ways to hear God. indirect revelation is more given than direct.
3 tests-- it must line up with the word.
it will produce good fruits (righteousness.
it will be a inner witness by the Spirit.

I agree on this, however "inner witness by the Spirit" is a bit vague, intangible and nonspecific, unlike your first two tests.

Can you explain that simply?
The inner witness is where most have a problem, I see what your saying. it is not as priority as the other two. A person must maintain a spiritual life in order to enjoy this. It is still important to rely on the others, esp. the word.

As the Spirit lives in us he will cause a inner knowing that cannot be described by us. The difficulty is when we in our person doubt the inner impression. We must remember God is dealing with the mind as well as other things. He is able to impress. The first check will be in the ethics department. Would Jesus do that? We must remember this is a issue of faith. Also the inner wittness is still God speaking. We are programed to always depend on outward evidence. We also can be sceptical.

Here is a example of what happened in a certain situation which is not exactly the same because it was not a difficult thing.

I was outside needing to take the tire off the truck. The jack handle was missing and other things I was trying didn't work. The Lord spoke to me , clearly and told me to take a pipe down to the barn and bend the end. It was so clear
that I didn't think it might not work. My inner witness was it will work. Mostly because I didn't know what to do assured me it wasn't my idea. Then the confidence put in my heart. That was because that wasn't all he told me. What was a pipe bent going to do, but my inner witness assured me it was the Lord. You can't put that in words you have to experience it.

When I tell someone about the experience of speaking to a Arab in his own tongue when I don't even know Arab, They always believe me because of all the details I give them. With God he tells you and that is the inner witness. It takes time to learn his voice but when you hear it you know it. He is very fast and you sort of feel the confidence of that power speaking.

Well when I followed his leading ,went to the barn and bent the end, he had me put a metal pin between the outer pole holes, it stuck out on both sides. That fit perfect into the jack but didn't operate like a jack handle does, it worked perfect. I had church then.

Here is another way he spoke. I watched on you tube the Ron Wyatt video on Noah's ark one night. When I saw it my hand raised up and I felt the inner witness that went with that when then I said excitingly that is Noah's ark. The very next rainy morning, got out of the truck at work and there was the brightest rainbow ever saw in my life. My inner witness was that was a confirmation for me about last night. To see Noah's ark at night and next morning a rainbow is awesome.

direct revelations always come with many confirmations.

One day in the living room praying in tongues. God told me a story. He used my mouth. That is I spoke as the words came into my mind.

The little boy shouted mommy can I have a cookie? Momma shouts back yes. He goes to get the cookie and sister says you can't have one. Moomy said I could have one---no she didn't-yes she did, then he shouts mommy didn't you say I could have a cookie? yes dear. He was able to get the cookie, then came the interpret. When God says yes the devil says no, but by faith you will have what you ask because God's authority is greater.

When my wife came home for lunch also my grand daughter. this was a few hours after the story. The TV was on Barney. The grand daughter said to me when I entered the room, paw paw would you like to have a cookie?
she reached behind her to hand it right in front of the TV picture where Barney and the kids were making cookies which were special. ------just now my wife who doesn't know what I am doing said to her mother , would you like some cookies and juice? ---Alzheimers people like sweets.

So when she handed me a cookie, there was cookies right there on the TV. By those confirmations God shows he was the giver of the story and that it is important. The story is not for me , though it does quicken my faith. It is used to make simple the message of faith that I teach. I haven't had a aspirin in 40+ years.

Always remember when God speaks it is a big--BIG-- deal. Can you imagine Moses not being sure to raise his rod over the sea to command it to part? Or thinking did I hear from God? He knew God's voice, he was confident when he heard. He couldn't listen to people if they said you got to be kidden standing there with a stick and causing waters to seperate. When I was walking around for a month with food poison, people must be ignored as I trusted God and was healed.
I find it disturbing that in all your communication you only used 1 Bible Scripture and it was to speak of the devil.

My experience of 50 years over talking with people and listening to tails such as yours is that the people doing so are really wanting to hear and speak to God. It is not up to me to believe you and diabelieve you, I only say what I have seen and that when people have such a need in their life to be close to the Lord, they will come up with experience in which they believe they and only they heard from God.

But it actually goes much deeper than that. Actually they are learning this skill, which is to look for the presence of God in the world or in their mind. They often have a tough time identifying God's voice in their mind initially, but over time they feel more confident that they have heard from Him because their need is so strong.

What they're doing is kind of training their imagination IMO. People are training their imagination to represent God and represent a conversation with God. They're reshaping who they believe God is through what the their imagination tell them God is, and then they learn to use that representation to pick out thoughts they have that they think might be candidates that could be spoken by such a person. When somebody says God spoke to them, they can mean they felt the Holy Spirit wash over them at a certain moment. They often mean a thought popped into their mind, it seemed different to what they were thinking, it seemed like what a loving God would say, they felt good when they had that thought so then it must have bee from God.

I think there are two very different interpretations you can make. One would be the skeptical: Oh, this just proves it's in their imagination. The other way of thinking is that if God is always speaking, why do only some people hear? I take the view that I can't identify when God really is speaking or not, but I do believe if God speaks to us through His written Word, the Bible. He speaks through the Scriptures to the human mind.

Now, I think the demand of religion and denominational teaching is to be able to see that the world you know before you is not all there is of the world, and you need to use your imagination to envision that. Thus, we hear God audibaly speak to us. But is He really speaking or is it us who have decided that is what we want to hear?????

The bottom line is that it must be confirmed by the Scriptures.
Yes, of course, it must jive with the Word, which brodave9 points out here:

3 tests-- it must line up with the word.
it will produce good fruits (righteousness.
it will be a inner witness by the Spirit.

My question was only concerning his 3rd point, the inner witness. However he wrote of outer witnesses in his experience, not the inner, which he left as "difficult" and still vague.

God must have a way we can test ourselves about this inner witness.

That is my concern
Yes, of course, it must jive with the Word, which brodave9 points out here:

My question was only concerning his 3rd point, the inner witness. However he wrote of outer witnesses in his experience, not the inner, which he left as "difficult" and still vague.

God must have a way we can test ourselves about this inner witness.

That is my concern

Yes, I agree. That would be the same as talking with ourselves wouldn't it?
"Talking with yourself" is only one possibility: the others are God is talking to you, the devil is pretending to be God, or one is getting partial information and filling in the blanks.

I do think the Lord communicates to folks, but through our guardian angels, primarily. They are able to clearly convey the Spirit's thoughts, IMO. Most humans cannot handle input beyond this level, as many Bible verses give evidence.

The important thing is whether what we hear is valid or not; can't test fruits all the time at the time of transmission, but you can search the Word for verification. This hinges on if your understanding of the Word is good or self-serving.

So what biblical tests do we have that "inspiration" or just plain personal guidance is heavenly?
Have either of you seen anyone manifest the gifts of the Spirit? Every one of them operates only by God speaking to them from within. They hear him speak to them inwardly, and then they act on it. The results are tremendous. Feel free to ask if you have questions about this. I will add that I have operated in all 9 in 1 Cor. 12-14.
It is a real temptation to share what God tells you. The Holy Spirit leads to share or not because , he has reasons not to. We who are thought of by God worthy to hear things, doesn't mean they are for others. As you can see right here in example, by just saying what I did about hearing , I sense I am on a gentle but true firing line.
It makes the devil very mad when we hear because it quickens our faith or of others. His speaking is filled with life, and he is way far other than we are.
I had a friend once who was a coledge high honor student. He spoke on a far more inteligent level than I. God is way, way way, wiser than that. What he tells us is only what we could understand.
He is just as real as we are and talked with Moses face to face. We have him inside us, read Jn. 14: and see the kingdom and God head are inside us. face to face or inside your face there's no difference. I speak reverently.
P.S. Solomon was full of wisdom-- not learned in school just told him or manifested as he spoke. He is a clear example as well as a type of Christ which should remove any questions if God would speak to a man. imagine, over a 1,000 songs.
Sorry brodav9, but answering my question with a question is not answering.

I asked~
So what biblical tests do we have that "inspiration" or just plain personal guidance is heavenly?

and I asked several times in several ways.....I can't "feel free" to ask any more until you answer that essential question.
the best way to tell you is by example. We are so used to eating ice cream that is brown therefore we know is chocolate. But what if the chocolate appearance is wrong, it is instead caramel. If we taste of the goodness of God we will know what is genuine or not. We have to drop what people tell us if it is not positive. Negative people never tell us what we need to know. We should know that God cannot do evil. Only the devil. That is how we know if it is God. We should test the thing spoken to us by the word, like the Berean's. If we aren't sure we must wait on the Lord to show us another way.

If we have fear and not faith we won't hear from God. Faith also trusts protection from deception.

As a example, the same night I read your post, God spoke to me. It was something first in the word where he led me. It was easier because it was a personal blessing for my music ministry. He also gave a sign. I auto. knew I would see a deer soon. That came after reading the scripture he led me to. Ps.42:1 The next morning my wife called me to the door and there was a young doe in a distance in the yard. bushy white tail.

he Lord gave the sign to confirm he was talking to me. I knew the devil wouldn't give me a word to encourage my ministry which he often shows he hates. I knew why God encouraged me also. it was because for a whole week was writing new songs which I felt his awesome presence in. I only create gospel praise and worship music.
Well...I can agree with the "test by the [W]ord" part, but feelings, tastes (there is white chocolate), personal experiences are much too fickle for me.

Faith does not make a man infallible.

Not trying to bum you out, but I have had too many Christian folks that have relied on feelings, "signs" and personal tastes and completely got the Lord's idea wrong.....Think of Peter on the rooftop and his racial/religious/legalistic "faith"....He was refusing the Gospel to a Roman...Cornelius, based on his own weak understanding of the Word and even the work of Jesus among Gentiles.
the vision of the great white sheet Peter had, set him free or God would had to have removed
him from the ministry. He was doubtful so God sent a man his way to confirm. By the way
relax and enjoy our fellowship. I wish you well and it takes time to help see things. If I wanted to mess with you, you would notice and click me off. If you stay I will only share to bless.
I wanted to share with you how God spoke again the next day. Told you about the deer first day, but saw it again next day and it was a sign of a allegory by the Holy Spirit.

This time the deer wasn't in the open, it was in the woods a little further back. ? came you saw the deer in the open?---yes--- you saw him in the woods?---yes--- then there is no difference---yes I see. Then came the understanding. see it makes no difference if Jesus stands in front of you and talks or if he is hidden inside of you by the Spirit.

God makes a little difference being he lives in sinful mankind. He must remain hidden in us, though very much there. We have a tendency in the flesh to lose respect being that
" God the almighty " lives in us. He is his own personal way hides himself. Her also speaks when he so chooses. King Nebuchadnezzar had to learn that respect the hard way Dan.4:. The most important step we can take in personal relationship with God is surrender our lives in submission to him. We must be trusted and even at times tested.

I have been embarressed different times when God shows me my heart. He in grace loves us and will even help fix our heart. The hardest thing to learn is he will have all or none of me. There is a continual pressing in to get his attention, he calls it faith action.

If someone gives us a job, they gave us something but there are rules. The covenant we have been given says all is yours but must obey principles for it to apply. proof for one
example----whatsoever you ask the father----must include in my name--Jn. 14:14. If we don't use his name , we just are asking the father, and not receive. Jn. 10: tells us my sheep know my voice and another they will not follow. those words are even his voice.

we have to know what he means by follow another. We could say wrongly, I need no minister as I don't follow. Or we could see it means, there is another we could follow other than the Shepherd who would lead us wrongly. The context of that chapter tells us one who kills, steals, and destroys. If you read the O.T. you will see God speak and the hearers live a life of success. That is a driving motive force for hearing his voice. N.T. same they heard also.

Many today are taught that this doesn't happen today. They will be no help to us who do hear. Many Holy Spirit filled folks don't hear. They are taught by those who say you can , but really don't. It is because of their lack of commitment in life.

So us few who do stay under the fire. The fire is good for it causes us to be like the Israelites in Egypt. The more they afflicted them the more they grew.
You can never sleep spiritually if your enemy helps keep you awake.
Troubles are God's opportunity to show his glory on weak defense less sheep.
God bless your day.
I'm more relaxed than you imagine Dave.

I've never questioned inspiration today, so you can leave that puppy under the porch.

I've merely asked for how a modern Christian can decipher whether it's from himself, the Lord or the enemy.

Real simple, really.
Does the puppy bark? How do you know it's your puppy? Just thought I would say that to make you think. I will be straight with you. it is hard at the beginning. If you heard ---my son jump off a cliff would you do it? of course not.
The real issue is whether you are told to do something or whether it is a neat little biblical scriptural blessing. When you receive it, what is it going to produce--it will always be holiness or righteousness---know why? Because God is righteous by nature. no unrighteousness in him. To say how will I know is to say discernment is very needed.

simple it is all really based on what he is saying in your head. He will confirm important things. by little signs.

it is very important to have no fear whatever you hear. It takes time and training to get even more results.
When you hear---you can't wait to hear again I guarantee it.
Well....This is again running under the assumption that all that you hear is from God.

I don't buy that, as we are warned against trusting our own assumptions....

PS: Puppy barks are easy to fake.


Account Closed
On this forum alone we must have at least 30 people who claim to be getting their revelations straight from the mouth of God. The odd thing is that they cannot agree on anything even among themselves, so either God is schizophrenic or all these folks are delusional. I suspect the people are delusional.