Recommend flooring


Recommend flooring

We have no floor in one of our 1st floor rooms.
The room leads to the backyard so it wasn't long after we bought this house that we had to rip out the white carpeting, having kids and pets.

Now we have to decide what to put down. We wanted real pine planks but if the dog potties on it, it will stain, black.
No ceramic tile.
I've had it in a high traffic area before and the grout gets nasty.
It can crack too.
Is there any way to to use real pine and seriously water proof it?
We've even thought of outdoor porch paint but that may still scratch and wear through.....

Any ideas?
Violet, what decor and furnishings are present in that room and the decor in the closest adjacent rooms ( color and style) ?

Also, do you have a 'theme' for that room, such as 'mud room', 'family room', 'study', 'den', etc...

I am asking because I was a senior whole-house lighting and decor design coordinator for one of the largest home improvement companies in North America for several years (awhile ago) and may be able to assist in your selection.

I'd also like to know:

(1) the wall to wall dimensions.

(2) the ceiling height and is it vaulted, cathedral or flat.

(3) current wall paint color or if a wood paneling, the type and finish.

(4) base molding, door frame and window frame trim, type and finish.

(5) any crown molding in that room and is it painted or natural wood (style and color).

(6) is there a central ceiling lighting fixture and/or ceiling fan and what is the body color and style.

If you can provide this info, I'll work up some suggestions and provide links to the products here in this thread.
Pastor Gary, thank you so much.
I will get back to this,
I just wrote you a very detailed description, answering all your questions, including pictures and my PC shut down!.
I want to go scream, but I won't, I'll just calm down first.....:rolleyes:
The room is small.
18' north to south.
16 ' east to west at the widest part. Where fireplace is (west wall) about 12 '.
Sliding doors on south wall.
double doorway on north wall leading to media room.
South end of west wall is doorway to kitchen/Pergo floors.
South end of east wall another doorway where we will continue the same flooring through that hallway.
The fireplace takes up most of west wall and the bricks are charcoal, rust and some gold.
The ceilings are your normal flat (8 or 10'?). No moulding.
Normal white base molding.
We will have recessed lighting.
Walls will be a shade of orange I believe.
This will be a library with 2 rocking chairs, a cushioned bench, bookshelves and a small cafe type table.
The style will be eclectic; Old world, farmhouse, cottagy.
I hope I answered all questions and I thank you and will hurry and post before I lose this one!
Based upon your description, I have a couple options for you regarding flooring. My suggestions would be from Bellawood and I'll post the link below.

Please check the color shades of their:

(1) Brazillian Cherry and their

(2) Brazillian Cherry Lite on the page below.

Either of these will be a compliment to the surroundings and give a rustic or homey look. The very subdued hew of the Brazillian cherrywood will work nicely with the wall color that you have selected as well as tying together that wall color and the highlights in the fireplace brickwork. It is light enough in color to enhance the reflective effects of the recessed lighting (make sure that you have those on a dimmer) and dark enough to enhance any walnut or oak finishings in the room such as tables or wood trim on the chairs and any cabinets - TV, computer or just storage. I would stay away from the very light flooring because of traffic and kids. I would also stay away from the very dark varieties because that makes the room seem smaller than it is. The fireplace wall, in those darker hues, is contributing to that effect already.

American Hickory and American Cherrywood are too light in hue for this type of room and decor. That is my reasoning for going with the slightly exotic Brazillian products and they are priced comparably.

Bellawood is among the highest quality flooring that you can go with in this type of installation package. My recommendation is based upon experience with Pergo, Morning Star and Bellawood for longevity and ease of installation. One other question...

Will you be using new sconces on any of the walls? If so, you may wish to check out these:

The 'Valiant Bronze' will pick up the wall color and enhance the gold tones in the fireplace wall as well as giving a rustic theme to any wall decor that you have planned. Best of luck and please keep me posted on any decisions or questions.
Thank you SO much.
I can't wait to show the flooring to my husband!
The first Brazilian would match my brick perfectly!

What happens if i wake up to a doggie puddle?
Will this ruin the floor?
I do like the fact it says the wood has imperfections~my style, imperfect!
I'm having fun looking at the lighting too!

I really like this!
The acids in canine urine are not as bad as some other pet varieties, but the Bellawood flooring comes with directions for this type of cleanup as well as an optional 'repair kit' for taking care of staining and scrapes. However, this is very durable flooring and will give you many years of quality service.

You can read a bit about general hardwood and laminate flooring care from the following (1) Hardwood and (2) Laminate sites:
I think my husband really liked the flooring!
He did the pricing for 2 rooms, that one and the media room.