Red And Blue Straws

Saturday, September 14, 2013, 10:18 p.m. – The songs “Do You Love Me?” and “Believe Him” are going through my mind.

Do You Love Me? / An Original Work / July 24, 2013

Do you love Me now?
Will you seek My face?
I have given you
My love and My grace.
Will you walk with Me
Ev’rywhere I lead?
Will you find in Me
All of what you need?

Won’t you meet with Me
Down upon your knees?
Will you obey Me,
And do what I please?
Will you hear My voice
Speaking now to you?
I am couns’ling you
To abide in truth.

I have died for you;
Taken all your sins –
Crucified with Me,
You have been forgiv’n.
I have set you free
From your slavery,
So that you can now
Live in victory.

I also had a vision of the face of U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in my mind. This was followed by a large hand from the north reaching down right in front of my face and grabbing at some huge straws which were right in front of my eyes. The straws were red and blue in color. The fingers of the hand were right in front of my eyes, and they were greasy. I could see the greasy fingernails. It was a man’s hand (a man who usually represents the US/Global government in my dreams).

Then, in the vision, I saw another man who is usually a symbol of “Big Brother” (USA) in my dreams. He was laid back and taking it easy, appearing as though he did not have a care in the world. He was looking up and around, kind of like someone would do if he was hiding something and/or if he was trying to appear as though he had no knowledge of what was hidden or where it was hidden. He was wearing a camouflage hunter’s hat. Then I saw someone slit his throat and his head fell, i.e. he was decapitated. Then I heard, “Heads will roll.” End

Speak, Lord, your words to my heart. I read Lamentations 5 (ESV):

Remember, O Lord, what has befallen us;
look, and see our disgrace!
Our inheritance has been turned over to strangers,
our homes to foreigners.
We have become orphans, fatherless;
our mothers are like widows.
We must pay for the water we drink;
the wood we get must be bought.
Our pursuers are at our necks;
we are weary; we are given no rest.
We have given the hand to Egypt, and to Assyria,
to get bread enough.
Our fathers sinned, and are no more;
and we bear their iniquities.
Slaves rule over us;
there is none to deliver us from their hand.
We get our bread at the peril of our lives,
because of the sword in the wilderness.
Our skin is hot as an oven
with the burning heat of famine.
Women are raped in Zion,
young women in the towns of Judah.
Princes are hung up by their hands;
no respect is shown to the elders.
Young men are compelled to grind at the mill,
and boys stagger under loads of wood.
The old men have left the city gate,
the young men their music.
The joy of our hearts has ceased;
our dancing has been turned to mourning.
The crown has fallen from our head;
woe to us, for we have sinned!
For this our heart has become sick,
for these things our eyes have grown dim,
for Mount Zion which lies desolate;
jackals prowl over it.
But you, O Lord, reign forever;
your throne endures to all generations.
Why do you forget us forever,
why do you forsake us for so many days?
Restore us to yourself, O Lord, that we may be restored!
Renew our days as of old—
unless you have utterly rejected us,
and you remain exceedingly angry with us.

Greasy Fingers

A man’s face is his character. I believe here that the Lord Jesus is giving me a picture of the character of the U.N. All these news articles about the situation in Syria merely mirror those concerning the situations in Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan, and the like, which we have been reading about, especially since the events of 9/11/01. Our government-controlled media has painted a picture for us of terrorists who pose a threat to our national security whom we must pursue; of internal conflicts in other nations where we must come to the “rescue” of the oppressed people of those nations and help them in overthrowing their tyrannical governments; or of countries where “natural” disasters have taken place and so we must go in to offer humanitarian aid. The language in these many news articles is very similar, one to another. And, the end result is pretty much the same. The “international community” comes in and “assists” and helps set up “transitional governments” and assists in the relocations of millions of people (deportations, perhaps), and if anyone opposes the “international community” then they must pay the consequences.

I read several news articles concerning this situation in Syria. Yet, the picture the Lord Jesus is giving me, I believe, is one in America. The hand that grabbed these straws in my vision was American. It was greasy, i.e. it is morally reprehensible, slimy, insincere, repulsive, slick, soiled, dirty, unclean, disgusting, etc. The greasy fingers represent accusations, but since the fist of the hand was closed over the straws, the fingers of accusation were pointing back at the man himself. At the end of the fingers (accusations) were the fingernails, i.e. meaning the exposing of someone who is deceitful, i.e. exposing our own government as deceitful. The things we are blaming Assad and others of doing we are guilty of doing. We paint a picture of Assad in the news, which is really a picture of Obama and his administration.

The straws were red and blue. I had remembered these colors from an older dream in which they were symbolic of an atomic nucleus (Red and Blue:, i.e. they are symbolizing these chemical weapons stockpiled supposedly in Syria. Yet, I am American, and I live in a county in SC where we have a nuclear power station. In fact, I saw that there were at least 6 of these nuclear facilities just in North and South Carolina, and they are quite visible. Kerry stated that “we” have seen Syria move their chemical weapons, yet the Lord is giving me a picture here of the US/UN removing the “blue and red” straws from in front of my (America’s) face. The imagery here, though, is that they are grasping at straws, i.e. their move is futile. They are like a drowning man grabbing any floating object he can find in order to try to save himself. Yet, they are only driving the nails further into their own coffins, because the fingers are pointing back at them (at America’s government).

Big Brother
Big Brother is “a person or group who exerts dictatorial control and maintains a constant watch over others, often while presenting a caring image” (Encarta). This is also a picture of the US government and the Obama administration. He wears a camouflage hat, i.e. he wears authority over his head which conceals troops, military equipment, etc. by disguising them to look like their surroundings. In other words, our government is really under the rule and authority of the global one world government, but this authority is camouflaged (hidden) from Americans so that we can’t see this. And, our government pretends as though they are not the guilty ones when they are guilty. They act innocent when they are not innocent. Their “Aw shucks” image is false and pretentious. They are really the hunters, i.e. the aggressors in the nations of the world, including inside our own. Yet, our government will be brought down, too, i.e. it will be decapitated and heads will roll when the fingernails (exposure of deceit) at the end of these fingers (accusations) finally hit home.

The Lament

This scripture is a picture of what it was like for the people of Jerusalem after the fall of Jerusalem, at the hand of God and the nations from the north he brought against them. Our inheritance will be turned over to strangers. We will face economic hard times. Our pursuers at our necks will “roll heads” of those in positions of power and rule in our country. Our leaders sinned (both government and church leaders), so they will be dethroned, and we will bear their punishment, as well as our own for our own sins of rebellion against God – for our idolatry and spiritual adultery against God. The crown of splendor that was once over America will fall. Then, the church will cry out: “Woe to us, for we have sinned! Restore us to yourself, O Lord, that we may be restored! Renew the days of your church as of old, i.e. as we were from the beginning, i.e. as you intended us to be all along, so we may sing your praise. Give us pure and undivided hearts with which to serve you the rest of our days.”

Believe Him / An Original Work / July 15, 2013

My heart cries: Lord, won’t You hear me
Seeking You for the answers
To my heartache and questions
I have concerning my life?
Speak, Lord, to me right now.

“Oh, dear one, why don’t you trust Me
With your life’s circumstances?
Give your all on the altar
In submission of your will
To My purpose for you.

“Surrender your life completely
To your Lord and your Savior.
He has all things planned for you
For His glory and honor.
He’ll work all things for good.

“Believe Him. He will fulfill all
Of His promises to you
For your life and your future.
Trust Him. Rest in His love.
He’ll give you peace from above.”