Red X

Red X

Hi my friends, this question is addressed to Sylvanus or anyone else that may have some knowledge with Windows Movie Maker. But, then again this may have nothing to to with WMM. I put together a project and sent it via e-mail to a couple people and what they received was a group of sections (where the photos are) with LARGE RED X'S. I went into their computer and changed the security settings, but the sane thing happened. I also downloaded WMM into their systems thinking this may solve the problem, no change. Could it be that something else needs to be changed or do they need some kind of de-coder file for WMM? Thank you for your thoughts.


Hey Tom :)

I think you might be on the right track, as to the security thingy.
But I'm really not sure at all :(

It seem that the visual is not happening, and that could be because it is in a format not accepted. Say, when you look at the property of the video, from right-clicking it on it's icon, what does it say?

I think someone else would be more adequate to answer that :D

Sorry Tom..


Disclaimer: I am just shooting some info and I am not sure if any of this will help you.:eek::p

I thought that had something to do with having the right software- windows has had alot of updates lately:

Also I viewed a few artices discussing a similar problem: